Governor Scott Walker Speaks at Opening of NRB15; Requests Prayer

Wisconsin governor says prayer supported him during state budget fight

Gov. Scott WalkerNashville, TN -- Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told attendees at the opening session of the National Religious Broadcasters’ 2015 International Christian Media Convention on February 23 that his faith guides him in his political and private life.

NRB President & CEO Dr. Jerry A. Johnson introduced Walker, who is the son of a Baptist preacher, as a “man of faith and action.”

Walker faced heavy criticism from those bitterly opposed to the “budget repair” bill he shepherded through the state house in 2011 during his first term. The legislation severely restricts the power of public-employee unions to bargain collectively.

The governor told the gathering of Christian media and ministry professionals meeting at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville it was prayer that carried him and his family through those difficult days.

“When we faced all the protests and the attacks, the thing that held us up through it all were people in factories, farms, and small businesses who would come up to us and touch us and tell us they were praying for us,” Walker said.

“I know the power of prayer and what it did for our family during the last four years in particular,” he continued. “It has an impact on people. It’s not just about winning and losing elections. I know it can change lives and circumstances we can’t even fathom here today.”

The governor, who has since survived a recall election in June 2012 and was re-elected to a second term as the state’s governor last November, is considered a possible contender for the Republican nomination for president.

Walker said if he determines he is to run for president, he plans to “focus on what we are for, not what we are against.” He criticized the press for distracting the electorate from the real issues.

“Our commitment is going forward — we’re going to talk about the things that matter to everyday Americans and we are going to leave the nonsense to the media aside,” he insisted.

Walker touted the virtues of the traditional family, saying, “Strong families start with strong marriages.” And the governor said innocent lives need to be protected.

Reflecting on his involvement with the organization Students for Life prior to getting into politics, Walker said it wasn’t just enough to talk about the life issue; pro-life citizens need to get out and show people they care.

“Life matters because it is a life and it has an impact,” he said.

Turning to economic matters, Walker said, “We need to focus on how we can grow the economy in this nation so that everyone — not just bits and pieces — can be a part of an economic recovery.

“We need to make sure in this country that we put in place reforms that take power out of Washington and put it in the hands of hard-working people,” he said.

“And most importantly we must make sure we live in a country where,” Walker said, “we are safe enough that we have leaders in our nation who will stand up and take on radical Islamic terrorism.” 

Walker recounted his humble beginnings.

“Unlike some out there I didn’t inherit fame and fortune from my family, I got a bunch of things that were much better than that from my parents and grandparents,” he said.

“I inherited the belief that if you work hard and play by the rules, if you’re in America you can be and do anything you want. That’s a pretty powerful belief,” Walker continued.

“I think we need to remind more of the young people of that today,” he said to enthusiastic applause.

Of note, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will address the NRB Convention during its closing session on Thursday, February 26.

By Dwayne Hastings

Published: February 25, 2015


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