Gospel Radio in China

TWR logoPastors and teachers of the Word in China have a new resource to assist them with fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission. NRB member Trans World Radio partnered with Keep Believing Ministries to take translated teachings and sermons delivered by Dr. Ray Pritchard, the president of Keep Believing Ministries, and transmit them over the radio, in Mandarin Chinese, to the vast majority of mainland China with a potential audience of 878 million people.

"We wanted to equip pastors because giving them resources through this kind of teaching prepares them to teach, prepares them to preach, disciples them in their own lives, encourages them in their own lives," said TWR spokesman Chris Johnson. "But more than that, it gives them the ability to invest in those people who they're representing."

Johnson explained that the radio broadcast can also help congregants better understand the Gospel by “training people and taking them through the foundational parts of the faith and hopefully to the point where they will not only be disciples, but they will in turn want to reinvest that knowledge and that teaching that they have received into other people."

Additionally, a Mandarin language website is being made available that will allow free downloading of every broadcast in either written or audio format, and listeners will also be able to access all of the content through customized iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

To learn more about TWR and their exciting ministry, visit www.twr.org.