Galcom International in the Ebola ‘Hot Zone’

Galcom Radios that have been distributed to people in Ebola stricken areasGalcom International's radio outreach to Africa's Ebola hot zone has proved to be critical amid the deadly virus outbreak now underway in West Africa.

Around the onset of the outbreak, Galcom had deployed 17,000+ radios in the “hot zone.” As a result — through this legion of durable, solar-powered, electronic “mini-missionaries” — Galcom's national broadcast ministry partners have been able to help grieving family members and frightened citizens alike find hope in Christ plus disease-prevention information 24/7.

"These indigenous evangelical radio broadcast partners, including Worship FM 101.7 and the Master’s Radio 90.7 FM (both in Monrovia, Liberia) and Radio New Song 97.1 FM in Bo, Sierra Leone, are on the front lines of this evolving crisis," reported Galcom Executive Director Tom Blackstone.

"[They] urgently need our prayers for the health and protection of essential personnel as well as wisdom and provision to keep sending out hope in Christ and vital disease prevention information now that the normal infrastructure is over-strained and in danger of breaking down," he added.

According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), there are more than 10,000 reported cases in Liberia, Guinea, Giniea Bissau, and Sierra Leone. Almost half of these have already resulted in fatalities. This number has effectively doubled within one week and indicates the possible beginning of an exponential upspike.

As political leaders struggle to come up with an effective containment plan, at least one academic study projects 67,000 cases in Liberia alone by December 31.

Amid the crisis, Galcom's broadcast partners are asking for more Galcom new generation durable, digital solar-powered fix-tuned radios in order to keep offering both Christ’s gift of eternal life and practical answers over the airwaves to millions of fearful and suffering listeners in West Africa’s Ebola hot zone.

According to Galcom, many thousands more radios are urgently needed there. To donate online, go to and follow the prompts.

By NRB Staff

Published: November 13, 2014


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