Evangelism Explosion Celebrates 50 Years, Looks to Next 50

Evangelical ExplosionAfter having officially celebrated earlier this year, Evangelism Explosion International is continuing the observation of its historic 50th anniversary by focusing on its future.

“The first 50 years were glorious years of God’s work to multiply the Gospel in the hearts and lives of millions of people through EE,” noted Mike Ferraguti, Director of Creative Services at EE International. “And the next 50 years may be an explosion of multiplication unlike anything we have ever experienced.”

It has been 50 years since EE Founder Dr. D. James Kennedy hand-wrote the first EE Gospel presentation and had his secretary type it up. He then gave printed copies to his wife and four other women with this simple instruction: learn it and be ready to go out the following week to train others to share the Gospel.

Since then, millions have learned how to use the two diagnostic questions for which EE is famous to present the Gospel with clarity and compassion to friends, colleagues, family, and those they meet in “chance” encounters. Best of all, millions more have come to Christ through EE.

Last year, EE trained 324,000 worldwide to share the Gospel. And, in the process, the organization reportedly saw, in 2011 alone, over 7.25 million people make a profession of faith.

EE now expects to see in the first 15 years of this millennium, 2000-2015, 100 million people come to faith in Jesus.

“And, if the projections of the Evangelism Explosion vice presidents come true—and they’ve been solid for years, now—for the first time in the history of EE, we are going to see our overall cost per profession drop under $1 in 2012,” remarked EE President John Sorensen. “Literally, for every dollar given to EE, we’re going to see someone come to know Jesus somewhere in the world. That’s an amazing thing. I simply don’t know that there is any ministry on earth that is more cost effective than Evangelism Explosion!”

With all the excitement that’s brewing, EE staff say they are ramping up their efforts like never before through projects such as Weavers Training, the Global Development Project, Hope for Kids, Explorers’ Club, XEE (the “next” EE), TENT, and Congress of Nations.

“We’re ready for the next 50+ years of ministry,” reported Ferraguti. “The Lord has given us wisdom in pouring all of our commitment, foresight, plans and resources into reaching people with the Gospel.”

Published: October 25, 2012