Evangelical Press Association Awards ‘Answers’ Magazine as Top Winner

Answers CoverNRB congratulates Answers magazine, produced by NRB member Answers in Genesis (AiG), for winning the Evangelical Press Association’s (EPA) Award of Excellence for the second year in a row. Answers received seven other awards at the annual EPA conference, including first-place honors in other categories that relate to the quality of writing and artwork.

Ken Ham, President & CEO of AiG, commented that “the Award of Excellence is considered the ‘gold medal’ of EPA awards.” Ken added, “By God’s grace, Answers is now one of the most highly awarded Christian publications, and we praise our Creator God. Picking up the EPA’s top award for excellence and also winning three first-place awards is wonderful news for our talented magazine team, led by publisher Dale Mason.”

Every issue of Answers, a quarterly publication, has a children’s section, Kids Answers, and it also has a digital edition that you can try for free by registering here. To subscribe to Answers, please click here.

PHOTO ABOVE: Evangelical Press Association Award winning cover for Answers.