Election Day Inspires 40-Day Prayer Efforts

40 Days of PrayerPrayer efforts are underway across the nation in the 40 days leading up to Election Day.

While some efforts started as far back as May, such as the American Prayer Initiative, many kicked off this past Saturday to mark 40 days of prayer.

Among the prayer efforts is “If My People 2012,” which has tapped 40 Christian leaders to lead each day of prayer on topics ranging from revival and families to government officials and Election Day. Among the prayer leaders are Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Raul Ries, Steve Douglass, Vonette Bright, Mike Novak, Bishop Harry Jackson, Alan Sears, Ken Ham, Jerry Newcombe, and Tony Perkins.

Another prayer effort, led by best-selling author, writer, and speaker Max Lucado, focuses daily on three simple points – for God to “Unite us,” “Strengthen us,” and “Appoint and anoint our next president.” As of Tuesday morning, over 38,000 have signed the pledge to pray.

“We often worry and/or complain about what’s happening in our nation, but can we doubt that God wants us to pray about it in a concerted way?” posed Eric Metaxas, Co-Host of BreakPoint Radio, who has also organized a 40-day prayer initiative. “Can there be a time more conducive to focusing our attentions than the 40 days before this extremely important election?”

Among the prayer efforts leading up to the Election are:

40 Days of Fasting & Prayer for America (Eric Metaxas, BreakPoint)

40 Days of Prayer for the USA (Max Lucado)

40 Days to Pray for the USA (Tony Evans, The Urban Alternative)

American Prayer Initiative

Forty Days of Prayer to the Election (Truth in Action Ministries)

Forty Days of Seeking God: United Prayers for Revival and Elections (Family Research Council)

If My People 2012

Pray America (Jack Graham, Prestonwood Baptist Church)

Another prayer effort taking place this month is the Seeking Him Prayer Challenge, which is being led by speakers from the recently-held True Woman ’12 conference. Notably, however, the prayer effort is a 31-day initiative that concludes at the end of the month.

Published: October 4, 2012