Direct Mail Still Effective in Fundraising? New Research Surprises!

EnvelopesThe shift to online connections and website financial appeals might lead some to wonder about the effectiveness of direct mail for ministry support. A new study NRB member Dunham+Company commissioned shows that donors are more than three times likelier to give online in response to a direct mail appeal than they are to an e-appeal. Rick Dunham wanted to see what was driving the notable increase in online giving, and therefore contacted the research firm Campbell Rinker to conduct the study.

The overall result, says Dunham, “…was a bit of a shock.” They showed that direct mail has actually grown as a driver to online donations. Dunham+Company has made details of the report available through their website.

As ministries recover from the downturn in the economy and look to grow the opportunity to impact lives with the Gospel, it is good to have the proper tools. This research will allow us to be more effective and wise in gathering all the financial support God intends for His work.

Thanks to Rick Dunham of Dunham+Company for sharing this important research with NRB members.