Dennis Rainey Highlights 7 Nonnegotiables for Christians

Dennis RaineyNashville, TN — FamilyLife President Dennis Rainey offered “seven nonnegotiables” for Christians on the spiritual battlefield during the Media Excellence Dinner on February 25 at the NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention.

Using various scriptures, Rainey offered the following encouragement to the dinner’s capacity audience at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN:

 “Seek God, not sin.”

“Sin will seek you out. It crouches at the doorway for your life and mine. Sin brings death, but God is the life-giver,” said Rainey, Co-Host of the radio program FamilyLife Today.

 “Fear God, not men.”

He said, “The fear of God gives me courage. The fear of God reminds me who God is and who I’m not.”

 “Love God, not the world.”

“It is so easy in the ministry for the ministry to become a mistress,” Rainey told attendees. “Who or what is the object of your affections?”

 “Believe God, not the deceiver.”

Describing this nonnegotiable as “really important for us today,” Rainey said the devil’s “character is to distort the truth of Scripture."

"The culture is blowing hard against us," he remarked. "The enemy wants you to mistrust [the Bible]. What’s happening today, folks, about marriage and family? God created marriage and family, not man.

“All of life," he added, "is one long hearing test to see if we really heard what He said, to see if we’ll apply it in the midst of the storms.”

 “Obey God, not your appetites.”

 “Serve God, not self.”

 “Worship God, not comfort.”

“It is easy to worship and celebrate the goodness of God when things are going right,” Rainey told the audience. “At no time is worship any more important than when you suffer.”

Pain “reminds you and me we’re not in control,” he said. “He is in control, and we must worship Him.”

Prior to Rainey's address, Bob Lepine, Co-Host of FamilyLife Today, interviewed popular author and Break Point Co-Host Eric Metaxas about his new book, Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life.

Metaxas said he sought to provide a balanced, biblical approach to a topic that can result in erroneous views of both skepticism and excess.

In a miracle, he said, God is “specifically and deliberately trying to point us to Himself.”

“It’s a sign pointing to Him," Metaxas proclaimed. "It’s not just some random thing.”

While Christians need to be open to miracles, some fall more in love with the miracle than with Jesus, which is a sin, Metaxas continued. “[Y]ou need to be hanging out with mature believers who can keep you from going off the edge.”

Earlier in the day, Salem Media Group and Metaxas announced that he will start a two-hour, daily radio show April 20 on the network's stations nationwide.

At the Media Excellence Dinner, NRB presented special service awards to the following recipients:

  • Mike Kellogg, longtime host of Moody Radio’s Music Thru the Night, who was inducted into the NRB Hall of Fame
  • John Ankerberg of The John Ankerberg Show, who received the William Ward Ayer Award for Distinguished Service
  • The Gospel Coalition, which received the Billy Graham Award for Excellence in Christian Communications

The winners of the Intercollegiate NRB (iNRB) 24-hour digital challenges were also recognized at the dinner. They were:

  • Louisiana College in the digital news category
  • Bob Jones University in the digital video competition
  • The University of Northwestern-St. Paul (Minn.) for digital audio
  • Bob Jones University in the public relations division

Sponsors of the Media Excellence Dinner were the Marketing Support Network and the NRB Network.

By Tom Strode

Published: February 27, 2015


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