COICOM 2012 Makes History in Honduras

CIOCOM 2012More than 9,000 people gathered in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, last month for the inauguration of the 21st International Congress of COICOM.

Among those in attendance were the President of Honduras, President of Congress, Mayors of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, and several of the country's Ministers and Congressmen.

As expressed in the headline of La Prensa, the largest newspaper in Honduras, the gathering drew pastors and leaders from around the country for a time to pray for the country and to see it transformed.

“This Congress will mark an important milestone in Honduras and its transformation!” exclaimed Arnold J. Enns, President of COICOM, an affiliate of NRB.

In addition to the Congress, COICOM brought together 3,000 Christian communicators and top Christian leaders from over 20 countries of Ibero-America for its annual convention.

Like NRB, COICOM holds annual conventions to equip, train, mobilize, motivate and inspire leaders to take the Gospel to the ends of the world. These conventions take place in different countries each year and are the ideal meeting place for Spanish-speaking Christian communicators, broadcasters of every type of media, businessmen, pastors and leaders from the entire continent.

This year, more than 90 workshops and seminars were made available to participants in the areas of Communications, Radio, Television, Leadership, Audio, and New Technologies.

Networking opportunities, meanwhile, abounded at FEXPOCOM, which featured 80 exhibitors from different countries. FEXPOCOM exhibitors had the opportunity to make hundreds of contacts in one place. Some were also able to sell the products and services they had on display.

Also part of congressional activities was a successful Honduran Evangelical Leadership Summit that gathered more than 300 pastors to discuss the role of the Church in Honduras and seek solutions to social problems.

Furthermore, a Young Leaders Summit drew more than 2,000 young people who were challenged to rise and take the baton from the older generation.

The 21st Congress of COICOM concluded with a closing ceremony and a time for reflection, prayer and communion.

PHOTO ABOVE: More than 9,000 people gather in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, for the opening night of the 21st International Congress of COICOM. Photograph courtesy of COICOM.

Published: October 11, 2012