Church Media Webinar on Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphonesWireless microphones are as much a part of our church experience as collection plates and pulpits. They are a great aid to teaching, preaching, and music worship. But regulations by the FCC on the use of unlicensed wireless devices in the television “white space” may impact churches and other groups who regularly use licensed mics and intercoms.

The Society of Broadcast Engineers is hosting a webinar on the topic, “TV White Space Devices and Wireless Microphones,” to give an overview of what the FCC has authorized and how it will impact the use of wireless mics. This update will help those involved with church media know the recent FCC rules changes in order to ensure interference-free worship experiences.

This webinar is scheduled for May 2nd, 2012 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT. Its cost is regularly $39, but NRB has arranged for the special rate of only $29 for its members who are interested in being part of this informative event. Joe Snelson, Vice President of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, who has vast experience in television engineering and frequency coordination, will lead the webinar.

In order for you to get the special NRB rate of $29, please copy and paste the following URL into a new browser window:

This rate is a special benefit for NRB members only. Our thanks to the SBE for making this webinar and special rate possible.

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