CBH Celebrates 70 Years of Media Outreach to Children

CBH Ministries logoFor 70 years now, CBH Ministries has reached out to children through multiple media formats – starting with radio in 1942 and later expanding to TV, print, live events and, most recently, the Internet.

To celebrate this milestone, CBH is hosting the “Stones of Remembrance 70th Anniversary Banquet” on September 20 at 6:30 p.m.

"The truly unique aspect of CBH is that we've targeted our media to children ages 6-to-12," says Terre Ritchie, Executive Director of CBH.

"That might seem like it limits our outreach, but I feel that it allows us to zero in on what these children really need to get to know the Lord,” she adds.

According to Ritchie, studies show that over 70% of today’s Christians came to know Jesus by the time they were 13.

“So this time is crucial in their lives,” Ritchie says.

With this in mind, CBH Ministries creates Christian children's media resources, including a quarterly devotional called Keys for Kids, the radio drama Down Gilead Lane, Seasons of Faith picture books, Biblemations, and iToadU.com.

At the anniversary banquet on September 20, CBH will be reaching out to adults who are passionate about ministering to children and/or may be interested in donating to the ministry’s projects.  Attendees will watch a video history, listen to a message from the legendary “Uncle Charlie,” hear a word from the ministry’s director, see an overview of the current impact of CBH, and learn about its prayers and needs for the future.

As the entire event has been underwritten by generous donors, there is no charge for attendees' meals. All of the funds raised will be given directly to CBH Ministries to continue to produce and promote quality Christian media for children.

“We are working diligently to make this an unforgettable, meaningful, and most importantly, Christ-focused event,” say the event’s organizers.

To join, attendees must pre-register at the ministry’s website, www.cbhministries.org/banquet, or call 1-888-224-2324.

Published: September 12, 2012