Apple at the Core of News & Controversy

Apple logoAs Apple unveiled its new iPad 3 last week, it did so amidst a swirl of news and controversy, much of it appearing in the New York Times. The Times reported the new iPad 3 in its technology section on March 7, and described it as a product “with modest changes” that was released with no immediate, discernable impact on the value of Apple stock. The newest Apple tablet is compatible with the so-called 4th generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks being deployed across the nation. However, according to the NYT’s Bits blog, that could spell despair for Sprint/Nextel, which has not launched a LTE network of its own yet.

In the days leading up to the iPad 3, the Times reported in a March 4 article that some economists are questioning Apple’s recently released figures that indicated that it provides 514,000 American jobs. Harvard Business School Professor Gary Pisano says “it is hard to say” how much Apple has boosted national employment. Meanwhile, it employs some 700,000 workers outside of the U.S. And in a story on March 6, the Times reported on unsatisfactory working conditions in Apple’s supplier plants in China, including “forced overtime, child labor, minimum wage violations and unsafe working conditions …”