A Big World… A Big Need… A Big God

Hatian Man with radioIn these past 12 months the Strategic Partnership opportunities have taken us to a wide variety of places around our globe. Nepal, India, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Ghana, Haiti, and most recently Albania and Kosovo. And in each place… and in many more… God has His people using broadcasting and other electronic means to reach the lost and encourage followers of Jesus Christ.

Each place has its own unique needs, challenges, and opportunities. And God’s people and many NRB member organizations are responding. TWR, HCJB Global, FEBC, Galcom, and others who cover the international scene can be found impacting lives all over the world. Along with these, program producers and ministries have answered the challenge to have programs translated into the various languages so that quality Bible teaching is available to Christian broadcasters in these countries.

For all the great ministry work that is going on, it is still a big world with big needs. And our God chooses to use people like you to make a difference.

Dr. Wright and Christian broadcasters in IndiaAt the upcoming NRB 2012 Convention in Nashville there will be hundreds of international Christian broadcasters who will be looking to find people willing to partner with them in ministry. Some need programming. Some need equipment or training. Some need mentoring. Some need funding. All of them need the encouragement that you can bring by your investment of time, talent, and resources.

Ron Harris and a Hatian childThere is great reward for those who partner with their counterparts in other countries. There is the sense that you are becoming God’s agent to assist dedicated servants in touching lives in difficult lands, where the Gospel of Christ is not easily proclaimed.

However, I have seen the joy on the faces of those who hear the message of hope in Jesus in their own language… in little huts in the tropics of Haiti, on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal, among the mostly Muslim population of the towns of Kosovo, and in little villages of Albania.

Christian broadcasters in KosovoGod can use you and your ministry to extend the Gospel into the unreached corners of the world. At NRB 2012 (February 18-21), come to the International Reception on Saturday in Governor’s Ballroom A from 5:00-6:00 p.m. Talk to the ministries already active in other parts of the world. Then ask God to show you how you can serve to reach a big world with a big need… a need for Jesus.

PHOTOS ABOVE: (1) A Haitian man proudly shows his radio tuned to the Christian station. (2) Dr. Frank Wright, NRB's President & CEO, visits a broadcast recording studio in India. (3) Dr. Ron Harris, NRB Sr. Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, makes a new friend as radios are distributed in Grison Garde, Haiti. (4) In Kosovo, local pastors join Radio 7 director Enkelejda Kumaraku for a prayer of dedication for the new station in Pristina, Kosovo. Photographs courtesy of Dr. Ron Harris.

By Dr. Ron Harris, NRB’s Sr. Vice President for Strategic Partnerships. You may learn more about NRB’s important international work here.