10th Anniversary of Hope For The Heart’s Biblical Counseling Institute

June HuntThis month marks the 10th anniversary of Hope For The Heart’s Biblical Counseling Institute (BCI).

Led by Hope For The Heart Founder June Hunt, and presented in association with Criswell College in Dallas, the conferences that make up the Biblical Counseling Institute are designed to help participants discover God’s Truth for Today's Problems.                                                                   

In more recent years, the monthly conferences have provided intensive, interactive training for pastors, counselors, health-care professionals, teachers and other caring people. To date, Hunt has developed landmark counseling materials on more than 100 topics, which have been translated into more than 27 languages and are available in over 60 countries worldwide.

“The Biblical Counseling Institute provides a virtual lab in biblical counseling,” shares Dr. Mark Bailey, President of Dallas Theological Seminary. “Through practical application, June shows us how to use biblical truth to change minds, change hearts and change lives through the power of the Spirit.”  

During each conference, Hunt digs deep to uncover the truth about one counseling topic per session. Past topics have included Verbal & Emotional Abuse, Dysfunctional Families, Sexual Addiction, Anger and Forgiveness – topics that are tough to handle and not often addressed in the church. Taking segments from her live two-hour call-in counseling program, Hope In The Night, Hunt incorporates sound biblical teaching, offering real solutions to better equip participants for ministering to a myriad of needs.           

“June Hunt has been addressing the root issues for hurting people as long as I’ve known her,” says Dorothy Patterson, Professor of Women’s Studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

“God has given her insightful sensitivity not only to identify human problems but also to uncover biblical solutions. She’s done it for me more than once!” adds Patterson, who has been a lifelong friend of Hunt’s.

To mark this month’s milestone, Hope For The Heart will host an anniversary celebration on September 18 and 22, recognizing those who have had record attendance for the Biblical Counseling Institute since its inception.

Those who wish to attend the upcoming BCI or would like more information are encouraged to visit www.HopeForTheHeart.org or call 1-800-433-HOPE (4673).

Published: September 12, 2012