Monday Member Highlight: Amazing Facts International Ministry

NRB | September 27, 2021 | Member News

It all began with one idea. It was just an idea. Was it brilliant, or was it risky? Time would tell.

The idea was simple—open each radio broadcast with an amazing fact and then share a related biblical message that everyone could understand. Amazing Facts International Ministry was born from this idea in 1965. An amazing fact, a biblical message, and a free Bible lesson. That was the broadcast. Listeners would be intrigued, learn from scripture, and be encouraged to study the Bible for themselves, as Joe Crews, the ministry’s first speaker, led listeners through this journey.

But this one idea led to another and another and another…

Amazing Facts expanded its outreach by publishing dozens of Christ-centered books and creating a free mail-based Bible school—and eventually an internet-based Bible school. Amazing Facts is now reaching more than 100,000 students through these Bible schools. Then, the ministry began sending trained young men to preach the gospel around the country. These evangelists host dozens of seminars every year, striving to turn new and established members into successful disciples and soul winners too.

By the mid-1980s, Amazing Facts’ broadcast was gaining popularity, and the ministry made the decision to include television as a medium for its ministry. The clear, Bible-based programs distributed to television audiences were powerful, life-changing messages for thousands of viewers around the world.

Doug Batchelor, an energetic soul-winning evangelist and author, began leading the ministry in 1994. An innovative speaker with a unique ability to communicate to churchgoers as well as the unchurched, Batchelor led the ministry to exponential growth.

Now, Amazing Facts broadcasts multiple television programs and a live call-in radio program, “Bible Answers Live,” on hundreds of media outlets around the world.

Amazing Facts reaches its audiences through radio or TV, publications, seminars, training programs, Bible schools, and digital content.

With TV programs broadcast on cable and satellite networks internationally, Amazing Facts reaches more than 2.3 billion households worldwide. Batchelor continues to host the ministry’s live call-in radio program, “Bible Answers Live,” which is carried on more than 100 stations in North America.

As the ministry continues to grow and expand through its various media, they are guided by their mission “to proclaim the everlasting gospel” and to lead “people to embrace salvation by faith in Jesus, to establish them in the church, and to disciple all believers in the joy of leading others to Christ by word and example.”

Today, Amazing Facts International is a world-wide, multi-faceted, soul-winning ministry committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through television, radio, training, Bible school, publishing, local evangelism, and more, Amazing Facts continues to have tremendous Kingdom impact.

Amazing Facts has been a NRB member for nearly 24 of their 56 years of ministry.

Longevity in any field is becoming a rarity, and exemplary service in Christian broadcasting is a feat worthy of recognition and applause. NRB seeks to honor the industry pioneers who brought Christian communicators to the place of respect and achievement it enjoys today. Celebrating Amazing Facts’ over 50 years of ministry, NRB was pleased to recognize Amazing Facts as one of this year’s Milestone Award winners this year at NRB 2021.

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