Millennials Suffering from Narcissism, Need Truth, Stuckey Says

NRB | March 4, 2020 | NRB News

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (NRB) – Millennials are suffering from the narcissistic worldview fed to them by professors, social media influencers, and even politicians, and they hunger for the Truth found in the Word of God, podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey said at the NRB 2020 Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, February 27.

Stuckey hosts Relatable on BlazeTV with a main audience of women ages 18-35, and she aims to help inform their worldview using the Word of God, she said. She analyzes news, culture, politics, and theology from a conservative Christian perspective.

Young women especially are being told by society today, “It’s all about you,” Stuckey said. “You are the center of your own universe. You need to declare your own truth. You need to define your own sense of morality, your own purpose. You need to believe in yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself. It’s all about you.”

Millennial women, though, want something else. “People are looking for some kind of substance,” she said.

Millennials and Generation Z after them tend to be on the left side of the political aisle and tend to be godless or agnostic, Stuckey said. “We have the largest number of religious nones in our generation, so we’re abandoning God, we’re moving to the left side of the theological and political aisle.”

As the 28-year-old “Conservative Millennial” has talked with young people across the country through Instagram messages or emails or face to face on college campuses, she has found that “people are hungry for truth, and a lot of young people are agnostic or atheist or leftist just by default because that is what they hear on a daily basis, not just from their professors but from social media influencers telling them the only real authority that exists is themselves,” Stuckey said.

“When you rely on yourself, when you are the only prism through which reality travels, when you are a moral relativist, you tend to be on the left side of the political aisle,” Stuckey told NRB 2020 attendees. “Statistics just show that that’s true. You tend to depend on the government to not just be your moral arbiter but for provision. You tend to not believe in God because you’ve exchanged the God of Scripture for the god of self.

“Yet, young people are miserable. Depression rates are higher, anxiety rates are higher, suicide rates are higher among our generation,” she said. “What I’ve found is that a lot of young people are very hungry … for the truth. They see the superficial stuff on social media that says it’s all about them, and they want something else.”

Young people today are just like any other group of people that have ever existed since time began, Stuckey said. “They do want truth, but if they are not given truth, if they are not shown that there’s a better way than what I call trending narcissism, then all they are going to do is they are going to go down the mainstream and they are going to be fed this secular nonsense that says, ‘This world is centered on you, there is no God, there is no morality. All that matters is that you’re happy. All that matters is that you feel good. All that matters is that you serve yourself.’”

Stuckey tries to show that there is a better way, namely in the person of Jesus. She calls Genesis 1:1 – “God created the heavens and the earth” – the most controversial verse in the Bible “because if you believe that, then … He alone says what is and what isn’t. He alone says what is right and what is wrong. He alone says what is good and what is evil.

“If you just believe that verse, then your entire worldview, your entire cultural view, your entire social view, your entire political view changes,” she said.

That doesn’t mean Christians will agree on every policy, but when the Word of God is the “final, the ultimate, the only inerrant authority on morality in all the world, that changes everything,” Stuckey said.

Young women long for a groundwork they can build their lives on, and there’s no better groundwork than the Word of God, she said.

“Unfortunately, we have too many people in the media, at churches, who water down the message of the Gospel specifically because they think it’s going to be more attractive to young people,” Stuckey said. “Young people aren’t any different than anyone else. You don’t need to water down the cross of Christ to make it attractive. Jesus already did that by dying on it.”

Young people “crave the unvarnished, uncensored truth,” she said, because if the Gospel is not true, then nothing is true. “If Jesus Christ is not true, if He is not our Lord and Savior who died and rose again, then nothing matters and two and two can be five.”

Stuckey urged messengers with media megaphones to preach the Gospel of Christ boldly “because it’s worth it and it’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about or to be dressed up in some worldly kind of garments because we think that’s going to make it more appealing to young people. It won’t.”

By Erin Roach

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