Member Testimonials

“The NRB is the most important Association for any Christian media professional to be involved in…There is no other convention that can provide the resources and contacts necessary to succeed in Christian media.”
- Bill Blount, President, Blount Communications Group

“The NRB has been a key source of information and support critical to our existence as a faith-based media organization. A strong advocate, the NRB has worked closely to protect our rights as a broadcaster and continues to lead with innovative solutions to further enhance our outreach. Business partnerships developed over the past four decades have enhanced our mission and created ministry opportunities with global impact.”
– Debra Fraser, President/CEO, Total Living International

“[O]ur association with NRB really proved to be such a powerful tool to attract more and more students to sign up for our Mass Communication majors…Many of our graduated students have actually found their full-time employment at NRB [Convention], which is so awesome! And, our student numbers have been consistently on the rise…And, I have developed so many contacts over the years attending NRB that I have been using to get my students into excellent internships as well as full-time employment. I would advise every Christian school to become an institutional member of NRB and be a part of iNRB, which would go a long way in providing opportunities for the students to be successful in many ways.”
- Professor Shur Gopal, North Greenville University

“Membership in the NRB connects you with a community of fellow laborers for Christ in media. Even more, it leads to relationships and support that will last a lifetime. While NRB does a fantastic job protecting, educating, and enriching our gospel efforts over the airwaves, it goes beyond to provide fellowship that can only be present as God’s people join Him on His mission.”
– Brett Larson, General Manager, WDCX Radio

“The hundreds of relationships I have made and nourished through NRB membership have been absolutely essential for our ministry’s development. All along the way, these timely and timeless friendships with fellow believers continue to deepen through the years and remain mutually beneficial in our common mission of Kingdom growth.
- Dr. Larry Nobles, From His Heart Ministries

“Membership in NRB is a privilege! I can't think of ANY other association that brings me and my company into contact with so many Christian broadcast ministries.”
- Doug Shaw, Chairman/CEO, Douglas Shaw & Associates

“All that I have accomplished in my career I owe to NRB.”
- Michael Shelley, NewLife FM

“Being responsible for media at a smaller church without big budgets can be challenging. When I ran into a large hurdle figuring out what equipment would solve my dilemma, I reached out to the people on the church media committee. Their collective experience and brainpower helped me overcome my obstacle.”
- Joshua Weiss, Abundant Life Assembly of God