2013 Television Awards

Best Television Talk Show: The 700 Club (The Christian Broadcasting Network)

The 700 Club

Hosted by Pat Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen, and Gordon Robertson with news anchor Lee Webb, The 700 Club is a live television program that airs weekdays before a studio audience from CBN’s broadcast facilities in Virginia Beach, VA. The program is a mix of news and commentary, interviews, feature stories, and Christian ministry. It includes live guests, features and music.

The program also has the variety and pacing of a morning show with in-depth investigative reporting by the CBN News team. Whether reporting live from the scene of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster, CBN News brings coverage on events affecting our nation.

Watched daily by approximately one million viewers in 95 percent of the television markets across the United States, the program is carried on ABC Family Channel cable network, FamilyNet, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and numerous U.S. television stations.

Best Television Teaching Program: Marriage: For Better, For Worse (Total Living Network)

Total Living Network

Marriage: For Better, For Worse is a program dedicated to healing hearts and restoring marriages. This weekly call-in program answers viewers’ questions on marriage and relationships. Through interacting with callers and by answering their emails, Pastor Bob Moeller gives biblical counsel and conveys godly wisdom when tackling a variety of tough situations like abandonment, adultery, addictions and even abuse. Each week, he also teaches on a specific topic. Topics this past year have included: “The Secret Husbands Never Share,” “How Did I End Up With an Adulterous Spouse?” “The Greener Grass Syndrome,” “The Difference Between Forgiveness and Reconciliation,” “Stopping Verbal Abuse in Marriage,” “What If You Have No Role Models for Marriage?” “Before You Remarry After Losing Your Spouse,” and “Successful Second Marriages.”


Best Television Special Programming: Always Good News: The Greatest Journey (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Always Good News is a program produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) that captures and communicates the transforming work of the Gospel to a “believing” audience using the latest docu-reality storytelling techniques, combined with special messages from Billy and Franklin Graham, and exclusive musical content. 

This television special uses compelling storytelling techniques, beautiful music and stunning cinematography throughout to give viewers a transparent look at how God is using “The Greatest Journey” to change the lives of children all over the globe. 


Best Television Public Service Announcement: "My Hope with Billy Graham" Promo, "Who Will Speak?" (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

BGEA My Hope
My Hope with Billy Graham

“Who Will Speak?” was created by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) with the intention of informing the general public about “My Hope with Billy Graham” – an evangelistic effort that will culminate on November 7, Billy Graham's 95th birthday. The nationwide evangelistic initiative, BGEA’s largest ever, will provide churches and individuals with a free, unprecedented opportunity to reach their friends, family, and neighbors with the love of Christ.

For the PSA, the BGEA video team combined footage from the Billy Graham archives with new, cinematically shot scenes to create a seamless storyline. Animated graphics and compelling music were added in post-production.

To date, the PSA has been used in a variety of ways across North America, both online and via television, to motivate the general public to find out more about the initiative at the website provided. 

Best Television Commercial: "What's the Answer?" – Fishing (In Touch Ministries)

In Touch
In Touch Ministries

The "What's the Answer?" television spot campaign was developed in 2012 for affiliate stations of In Touch Ministries. The objective was to capture the curiosity of viewers outside of the In Touch audience through a series of scenarios familiar to anyone familiar with young children and their questions.

In the "Fishing" spot, a girl is shown on a dock with her grandfather, asking varied, rapid-fire questions before hitting him with something of eternal significance. The concept was to entertain the audience, connect and identify them with a modern, yet classic American situation, and leave them wondering how they might answer.

The ad closes with the reaction of the grandfather and a graphic asking, "What's the Answer?" The spot includes placement of In Touch programming information and a dynamic URL (intouch.org/answer) where they can watch the ad again and obtain information.


Best Television Mixed Media Campaign: PeaceWithGod.Net (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)


PeaceWithGod.Net is an evangelistic website developed by BGEA’s “Search For Jesus” ministry, which uses innovative tools to introduce online “seekers” to Christ, transforming them into disciples, and connecting them with local church communities.

Since 2011, more than one million people have indicated that they prayed to make a decision for Christ through the site. This success has been largely credited to the strategic online and offline campaigns that are used to direct people to the site, with specific use of the “Four Screens” - television, computer, mobile, and environmental - as well as geo-targeted radio campaigns.