2013 Recipients

  • Radio Awards

    Radio Station of the Year: 
    89.5 KVNE - Encouragement FM

    Radio Program of the Year: 
    The OneCry Prayer Summit (Moody Radio)
    Radio Impact Award: 
    The In Touch Messenger (In Touch Ministries)

  • Television Awards
    Best Television Talk Show: 
    The 700 Club (The Christian roadcasting Network)
    Best Television Teaching Program: 
    Marriage: For Better, For Worse (Total Living Network)
    Best Television Special Programming: 
    Always Good News: The Greatest ourney (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)
    Best Television Commercial: 
    "What's the Answer?" -- Fishing (In Touch Ministries)

    Best Television Public Service Announcement: 
    My Hope with Billy Graham Promo, "Who Will Speak?" (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)
    Best Television Mixed Media Campaign: 
    PeaceWithGod.Net (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

  • Internet Awards
    Best Broadcast Website: 
    www.godtube.com (Salem Web Network)
    Best Ministry Website: 
    www.pluggedin.com (Focus on the Family)
    Best Use of Social Media: 
    Focusonthefamily.com "Today I Will" (Focus on the Family)

    Best Use of Short Form Video: 
    “Freed: A Poem by Ruth Bell Graham" (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
    Best Mobile Ministry Initiative: 
    www.oneplace.com (Salem Web Network)
    Most Creative Online Initiative: 
    Gospel for Asia’s
    www.mygfa.org (Gospel for Asia)

  • International Awards
    Individual Achievement in International Broadcasting Award: 
    Lemuel Larrosa
    International Radio Ministry Award: 
    Radio 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti
    International Television Ministry Award: 
    CBN India
    International Innovation Award: 
    CBN Asia
    International Strategic Partnership Award: 
    Peter Darg, CBN Europe
    International Impact Award: 
    Call of Love Ministries

  • Special Service Awards
    NRB Hall of Fame: 
    John MacArthur
    William Ward Ayer Award for Distinguished Service: 
    Bill Skelton
    Billy Graham Award for Excellence in Christian Communications: 
    K-LOVE & Air 1 Radio Networks
    Board of Directors Award: 
    Mike Huckabee
    Milestone Award: 
    Ambassador Advertising Agency
    Bott Radio Network
    Evangelism Explosion International
    First Baptist Church, Wichita Falls, TX
    First Baptist Orlando
    Global Outreach Mission Inc.
    Northwestern Media
    Open Doors
    Dr. Jose A. Reyes, Sr.