Member Spotlight: Widow Connection, Inc. /Miriam Neff, Founder and President

NRB | December 6, 2018 | Member News

Upon becoming the widow of Robert Neff, vice president of Moody Broadcasting, I saw and experienced the unique needs and losses of widows. 103 verses in Scripture clearly state God loves us, cares, and instructs others to do so as well. I found no ministries addressing our needs.

One lonely night in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, seven months after Bob’s exit to heaven, I heard God’s question: “Daughter of mine, what are you going to do about it.” I knew God was calling.

Small beginnings (a website, became resources like From One Widow to Another: Conversations About the New You (Moody Press). After starting encouraging widows’ groups in churches and homes, and as more needs became apparent, we created more resources. With a professional counseling background, experience in loss of friendships, family changes, and financial learning curve, I was uniquely equipped for a calling no one would choose.

But how do you get the word out of these biblically based resources?


Watching my husband lead Moody Radio, seeing lives touched, knowing radio’s impact, I began attending the NRB Convention with a new focus. What partnerships could we form?

And what advice did Bob’s friends have for me?

“Start with one-minute features,” they said. So I did.

New Beginnings

Everyone’s reality is change happens, ready or not.  Your listeners face career moves, marriage, job loss, financial challenges, and becoming single again.  They parent, relocate, face illness and loss. I speak of life experiences – as a parent, marriage partner, person starting over – and of daily choices, celebrating special occasions, decision making.  With spiritual insights and a touch of humor, I bring wisdom and encouragement.

$tarting Over Financially

Here, Valerie Neff Hogan, my daughter, and I talk about money – money when you’re in a difficult situation, and when money becomes a dreaded word because life gets bumpy. That’s when you need help most. With clear, practical, conversational content, Valerie and I are here to help. With her experience as a lawyer and certified financial planner, Valerie brings valuable expertise.

Both features are heard on hundreds of outlets. Bott Radio Network was the first to air both.

Never limit where God will take you when He calls you to something new. I could not forget the widows I had seen in Ouagadougou.

Our passion:  to train widows in developing countries in a self-sustaining skill.

Our plan: hire a local trainer and partner with a church to identify those widows most in need and willing to commit to training for six to nine months. They would learn a skill level to make any clothing item, including men’s shirts, dresses, and school uniforms. With their graduation gift of a sewing machine, they would be self-sufficient.

Yes, the plan works. We have completed nine projects training 166 widows to date, and more than 800 orphans’ lives have improved!

What difference did NRB make? Bob had connected with people there who understand CALLING. And I had met many who were willing to advise me on radio, international partnerships, and much more, as I served in my new role. I connected there with Regnery Publishing, resulting in my historical fiction book Not Alone:  Eleven Stories of Courageous Widows in the Bible.

We have new plans ahead. His promise: 1 Thessalonians 5:24, which states, “The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.”

By Miriam Neff

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