Member Spotlight: Max Greiner, Jr.

NRB | December 16, 2021 | Member News

In December, Max Greiner Art of Kerrville, Texas, celebrated twenty years of what Max Greiner, Jr., calls “God’s evangelistic Garden Vision.”

Greiner’s evangelistic art pieces and installations spring from a lifelong pursuit of expertise in various art disciplines. After developing a career in the fine arts, a series of divine appointments and prophetic words led Greiner to infuse his art with a renewed purpose. In 2001, Greiner and his wife, Sherry, began to conceptualize a sculpture prayer garden that would represent a “tabernacle,” or a unique, non-church point of entry to the Christian faith for the public. They launched a 501(c)3 foundation, The Coming King Foundation (TCKF), to build such evangelistic gardens across the world. Greiner uses the term “Strategic Eye-gate Evangelism (SEE)” to describe his vision for reaching those who are untouched by traditional Christian evangelism and churches through artistic works.

Their first site opened to the public in Kerrville, Texas, on April 8, 2012. The cross-shaped Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden is best known as the location of “The Empty Cross,” a 77-foot, 7-inch sculpture of a hollowed-out cross. “The Empty Cross” is visible from Interstate 10, putting the cross in view of innumerable drivers each day. The public park features other biblical-themed pieces, such as a bronze sculpture of Jesus holding the disciples’ fishing nets, and has attracted scores of excellent reviews online from visitors.

While Greiner and his wife have officially retired from leadership of TCKF, the mission is alive and well, with another prayer garden built near Columbia, South Carolina, one under construction near Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a $6 million visitor center expansion to the original site in development.

Greiner has been a member of NRB since 1999 and has exhibited at NRB convention numerous times over the years. To learn more about Max’s ministry visit his website.

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