MEDIAlliance International Launches Asia Initiative

NRB | March 7, 2019 | Member News

After a year and a half of planning and praying, MEDIAlliance International held its first Christian Media Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, last month.

NRB member Dr. Ron Harris, president of MEDIAlliance, welcomed fellow NRB members and media professionals John Carley and Bryan Bailey to bring instruction in television, church media, and social media to the three-day conference. Initial projections of 100 in attendance were greatly exceeded as – by the time conference commenced – nearly 400 registered for the event.

“Thank God for the Christian Media Conference,” said Bangkok worship and media pastor Niyom Chansirimeta, who helped coordinate the conference, which he called a landmark event.

“It’s a historical event,” he continued, “the first time of gathering for Christian media people in Thailand, who have the same vision to use media for evangelical reasons.”

Other leaders were excited about the great turnout. The pastor of Nexus Christian Church, Thanon Chanchitsopon, told MEDIAlliance he felt it was the start of a great evangelistic effort.

“We are looking to see media ministry flourishing and many people will be saved by Christ,” he said.

As a result of the success of this initiative, MEDIAlliance has established an Asia office in Bangkok, with plans for further media and leadership training in the coming months and years.

MEDIAlliance International is in its seventh year of media training and mentoring. Since its establishment, the ministry has held conferences in India, Ukraine, Haiti, Egypt, Romania, and Thailand. In addition, Harris mentors Christian media leaders in more than 40 countries through personal meetings and weekly blogs.

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