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On May 13, EpochTV aired an interview with NRB President & CEO Troy A. Miller on “America’s Hope” with Kelly Wright. Miller discussed cultural issues and what NRB is doing to ensure that the Christian viewpoint is heard in a changing industry landscape.

“People today understand that there’s really a lot of despair in this world,” Miller said. “The message of the Gospel brings the hope that God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son. That’s the hope that changes people’s lives.”

Miller added, “We work hard so that [Christian communicators]… can do what God’s called them to do, whether it’s humanitarian aid, social issues, or just straight preaching. They deserve a right to be in the public square.”

Watch Miller’s full interview here with Kelly Wright here:

In three recent media hits, Mike Farris, General Counsel for the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), joined Emerald Robinson (“Absolute Truth”), Chris Salcedo (Newsmax), and Andrew Wilkow (Salem News) to discuss a recent petition by NRB and the American Family Association (AFA) to stop the FCC from reimposing unlawful collection of race, ethnicity, and gender data from broadcasters. In each of these conversations, Farris discussed how the FCC’s form exceeds its statutory authority and violates the laws of Congress as well as the Constitution.

“The government should not be able to gather information about people that they cannot legitimately use,” Farris said to Robinson. “It’s a backhanded way of putting quotas onto Christian and other kinds of broadcasting, which are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has made it very clear—we are supposed to be living in a colorblind society, a gender-blind society where everyone is treated equally.”

Watch full May 9 interview with Emerald Robinson here:

“This is basically allowing the cancel culture to gather the raw materials they need to harass people that don’t fit to their idealistic standards,” Farris said to Salcedo.

Watch the full May 9 interview with Chris Salcedo here:

“The Supreme Court said…there’s no legitimate basis for collecting the information, …for the FCC collecting this data other than trying to silence people they don’t like,” Farris said to Wilkow.

Watch the full May 13 interview with Andrew Wilkow here:

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