Media Roundup | July 11, 2024

NRB | July 11, 2024 | NRB News

Troy A. Miller, president and CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), recently joined Kristi Leigh on the Patriot TV show “Counter Narrative.”  The conversation tackled two primary areas: equipping Christians to present a biblical perspective in their reporting and navigating the voting process through the lens of Christian faith and values.

“Christian faith is never meant to be [merely] private and personal,” Miller said. “We’re called as Christians to be truth and light in the public square.”

Watch the full interview:

Miller also spoke recently with Stacy Washington on how Christians can engage the culture through voting in the upcoming election.

“This is not a personality test,” Miller said. “This is about who’s going to govern the country, who’s going to set the policies, who’s going to set the agenda for this country. And whoever that is, they have a worldview—an ideology behind them that is going to drive those decisions. I think Christians need to step back and think about that.”

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On July 4, Miller joined Frank Gaffney to reflect on the liberties enjoyed in the United States, the sacrifices that were made to win them, and concerns about threats to those freedoms today.

“The individual freedoms we have are given to us,” Miller said. “They are endowed to us by our Creator. They’re not given to us by our government.”

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Earlier this week, Miller joined host Amanda Head on her podcast “Furthermore” to discuss the importance of Christians getting involved in culture and politics. They focus on the responsibility of Christians to be involved in society, acknowledging the challenges of sharing the Gospel message in today’s media landscape.

“It is our job as believers to spread the Word,” Miller said. “If we really believe these things, then we should speak about them as well. We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about the key issues today.”

Listen to the full conversation:

Miller also spoke with Jerry Newcombe, executive director of Providence Forum, on his weekly radio program “Vocal Point” about the impact and importance of Christian broadcasting.

“The more the world preaches despair,” Miller said, “the more the hope of Christian broadcasting pulls people in.”

Listen to the full interview:

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