Media Roundup: January 2024

NRB | February 1, 2024 | NRB News

On Monday, January 15, NRB President & CEO Troy A. Miller joined Stacy Washington on her show “Stacy Washington Now” to discuss the upcoming annual NRB Convention.

Miller and Washington talked about the major highlights of the NRB Convention and how Christian media is providing “answers” in a world searching for truth. Miller noted that last year, Christian radio launched more stations than secular radio.

“There’s so much negativity and darkness in society today,” Miller said. “People are looking for hope. They’re looking for answers. And Christian communicators—whether it’s television, radio, podcasters, bloggers, filmmakers—are where the answers are.

On Thursday, January 18, Miller joined Cheryl Chumley of The Washington Times on her podcast “Bold and Blunt” to discuss antisemitic protest activity around the country and how Christians can stand in solidarity with Israel.

“The only thing the U.N. should be calling for is the unconditional surrender of Hamas and the immediate release of all the hostages,” Miller said. “That’s the solution.”

On Wednesday, January 24, Steve Hook and Bryan McClain interviewed Miller for TNT Radio’s “State of the Nation” segment. They discussed the ​​White House’s recent directive to avoid any religious symbolism in its annual Easter celebration—just one example of the current trend of government hostility toward Christianity.

In this environment, listeners are turning to faith-filled programs as a hopeful alternative.

“We’re seeing a lot of folks listening to Christian media,” Miller said, “and they’re saying, this is the answer I’ve been looking for. This is the truth. And it’s not the lies the government’s been trying to feed us.”  

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