Media Roundup | April 25, 2024

NRB | April 25, 2024 | NRB News

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On April 19, President and CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters, Troy A. Miller, joined guest host Mary Walter on “Stacy on the Right” to discuss the AM for Every Vehicle Act, exploring what’s behind the push to get rid of AM radio and highlighting how NRB is advocating for AM radio.

 “[The AM For Every Vehicle Act] has bipartisan support in both the Senate and the House,” Miller said. “We’re optimistic that this bill will get signed this year.”

Also on April 19, Miller joined “Morning Drive with Chris Stigall” to discuss the AM radio legislation.  

“The government also plays a role in making sure there’s a fair playing field in the free market,” Miller said. “This bill isn’t just about AM radio in the dash, as if AM radio was some archaic media that is going to the wayside. AM radio has a huge listenership across this country.”  

Listen to the full interview here.  

 On April 22, Miller joined Todd Starnes to discuss the AM Radio bill as well as the antisemitic demonstrations at Columbia University and at other university campuses across the nation.   

“It’s really a result of what these schools have been indoctrinating these kids on,” Miller said, “and they’re starting to reap what they have sown—the two ideas in the world that you’re either the oppressor or the oppressed, you’re the victimizer or the victim. And somehow Israel has become the victimizer and oppressor in this.”

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