Media Roundup: April 11, 2024

NRB | April 11, 2024 | NRB News

At the 2024 NRB Convention in Nashville, Tenn., NRB President and CEO Troy A. Miller joined host EmmaSara McMillion on the show “Ignite Voices TV” to discuss NRB’s 80th anniversary celebration and the association’s focus and vision for 2024. Click below to watch the full clip.

On April 9, Miller joined Bryan McClain and Timothy Shea of TNT Radio for their “State of the Nation” segment to discuss the AM for Every Vehicle Act, which would ensure that auto manufacturers include AM broadcast radio in new vehicles. The legislation is championed by broadcast groups and is currently receiving pushback from top automakers.

“Everything is about controlling the messaging,” Miller said. “That’s kind of what the whole elite process is about. Silicon Valley in tech today thinks that if they control the message, they can fix society. And that’s the new religion out there in business today.”

Watch the interview:

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