Life Changing Radio Donates 6,000 Bibles to Persecuted Believers

NRB | November 16, 2020 | Member News

Life Changing Radio, a New England based Christian Teaching-Talk network operating on 12 AM/FM frequencies, recently concluded a radio campaign with Voice of the Martyrs to raise money to provide Bibles for persecuted believers.

Blount Communications Group, which operates seven Christian radio stations including Life Changing Radio, and the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), a nonprofit, interdenominational missions organization that serves persecuted Christians around the world, are both NRB members.

Life Changing Radio and Voice of the Martyrs set an original goal to supply 1,600 Bibles, which combined with a matching grant from a Voice of the Martyrs donor would supply 3,200 Bibles in total. Together, they ended up almost doubling this original goal.

This campaign, based out of Life Changing Radio’s main studio in New Hampshire, included Bill Blount, President of Blount Communications, Todd Nettleton, chief of Media Relations and Message Integration for The Voice of the Martyrs and the host of The Voice of the Martyrs Radio, as well as Scott Wilder and Lauren Lintner of WilderMedia, LLC.

The campaign spanned two days with three hours of live programing each day and reminders of persecution and the need for Bibles throughout the day.

The listener response to this program exceeded expectations.

“Our listeners really were moved by the stories of persecution and the desperate need for Bibles in areas of the world where Bibles are not available or, if caught with one, could mean a death penalty,” Blount said. “Listeners were also excited to learn that in addition to Bibles in the language of the Believer, Voice of the Martyrs also made the Scriptures available on digital formats for phones and laptops.”

As listeners caught the vision of this campaign, donations came tumbling in. Combined with the matching grant, by the end of the campaign, Life Changing Radio listeners had donated over 6,000 Bibles to persecuted believers around the world.

“Having traveled on more than 25 international trips, principally to interview persecuted Christians and hear of the need for Bibles, this partnership was a perfect match to tell the stories of persecution and the need for Bibles,” Blount explained.

Although it is common for Christian ministries to utilize Christian radio to generate new income and sponsors, this was one of the first campaigns that Voice of the Martyrs had done with any Christian stations or networks.

“They were very excited to see the interest our listeners had in their ministry reaching persecuted believers around the world,” Blount said.

If you would like to join Voice of the Martyrs in giving Bibles to persecuted believers, visit their website:

PHOTO ABOVE: (Left to Right) Scott Wilder & Lauren Linter of Wilder Media, Life Changing Radio’s President, Bill Blount, and “Voice of the Martyrs,” Todd Nettleton.

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