Leading the Way Launches Global Evangelistic Celebrations

NRB | September 7, 2023 | Member News

NRB member Leading the Way (LTW) with Dr. Michael Youssef is executing a bold new outreach called Evangelistic Celebrations in an effort to mobilize local churches across the globe.

Evangelistic Celebrations are an element of Youssef’s Vision 2025 strategic plan for LTW’s ministry expansion. This initiative originates from invitations extended by local communities. LTW takes a methodical approach to train churches in effective community engagement through a practical approach, and Evangelistic Celebrations help to jumpstart the relationship between the local church and community.

At each Celebration, thousands gather to hear a message from Youssef, concluding with an invitation to salvation. However, the event’s local impact doesn’t end there. Church members actively engage in follow-up and long-term discipleship with those who come to faith, encouraging them to blossom and flourish in their spiritual journeys.

This year, Evangelistic Celebrations have been held in Macon, Georgia, Dublin, Ireland, and Belfast, Ireland.

Future gatherings include:

Cairo, Egypt – November 3, 2023 

Veracruz, Mexico – April 27, 2024 

Rise Up New England – June 22, 2024

To learn more about LTW’s Evangelistic Celebrations, click here.

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