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Industry News / December 7, 2023
FCC Launches First-Ever Enforcement Partnerships with State Attorneys General
(FCC) FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel today announced a new initiative to strengthen and formalize the cooperation between the Commission and its...
Industry News / December 7, 2023
FCC To Hold Open Commission Meeting Wednesday, December 13, 2023
(FCC) The Federal Communications Commission will hold an Open Meeting on the subjects listed below on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, which is...
Industry News / December 6, 2023
LPFM Application Window Opens; FCC Warns To Not Miss It
(Radio Ink) After a month delay, the FCC is now accepting new low-power FM station construction permits for the first time in a decade. This window,...
Industry News / December 5, 2023
FCC Proposes $22M in Fines for Rural Broadband Auction Defaults
(FCC) The FCC proposes $22,446,000 in total fines against two applicants in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I Auction (Auction 904) that...
Industry News / November 29, 2023
FCC Grants Broadcasters Partial Waiver of Emergency Alert Deadline
(B&C) The Federal Communications Commission has given broadcasters some extra time to make sure their emergency alerts comply with new rules...
Industry News / November 27, 2023
FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for December Open Meeting
(FCC) Chairwoman Rosenworcel announced the items tentatively on the agenda for the December Open Commission Meeting scheduled for Wednesday,...
Industry News / November 2, 2023
FCC Permits Very Low Power Device Operations in 6 GHz Band
(FCC) The R&O adopts rules to permit an additional class of the unlicensed devices. The FN proposes to permit an additional class of unlicensed...
Industry News / October 24, 2023
FCC Will Vote on Rules to Prevent and Eliminate Digital Discrimination
(FCC) Chairwoman Rosenworcel is proposing final rules to prevent discrimination in access to broadband services based on income level, race,...
Industry News / October 19, 2023
Be Aware Of Legal Ramifications Surrounding Use Of ‘World Series’ Phrasing
(Inside Radio) World Series is trademarked by Major League Baseball, which appears to own all registrations for World Series-formative marks for...
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Industry News / October 4, 2023
FCC Station Count Shows Noncommercial FMs Growing While AM Still Faces Challenges
(Inside Radio) The number of commercial radio stations licensed by the Federal Communications Commission continued to slide during the summer...
Industry News / September 19, 2023
FCC To Open Ownership Report Filing Period Oct. 2; Data Deadline Is Dec. 1
(Inside Radio) Given the importance of the biennial ownership reporting requirement, the FCC says it may pursue enforcement action against stations...
Industry News / August 29, 2023
FCC Sets September 20 Payment Deadline for Reduced Radio and TV Regulatory Fees
(COMMLAWCENTER) Payments can be made via the FCC’s Commission Registration System (CORES) beginning today through 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on...
Industry News / August 28, 2023
FCC Publishes Chart Showing What Your Station Owes
The Federal Communications Commission has published a useful fact sheet showing what your radio station now owes in regulatory fees for this year...
Industry News / August 23, 2023
Comments on HD Power Proposal Are Due Sept. 21
(Radio World) If you plan to share a final thought with the FCC about its proposal to update FM HD Radio power level formulas, you have until Sept....
Industry News / August 22, 2023
Cord-Cutting To Hit 8.1% in 2023: Analyst
(Broadcast & Cable) After another quarter of pay TV subscribers dropping their subscriptions, Wells Fargo analyst Steven Cahall forecasts that...
Industry News / August 21, 2023
Pew Research Center Provides Key Facts About Radio Listening In The U.S.
(Inside Radio) Yesterday (Aug. 20) was National Radio Day and the Pew Research Center used the occasion to provide a snapshot of the industry in the...
Industry News / August 15, 2023
Linear TV Drops Below 50% Of July Viewing; Streaming Share Hits Record
(Broadcasting & Cable) Broadcast and cable’s share of viewing dropped below 50% to 49.6% as streaming hit a new high in July, according to...
Industry News / August 14, 2023
FCC Approves Annual Fee Proposal That Will See Stations Pay Less In 2023
(Inside Radio) The reworked structure means most radio stations will see their annual fee shrink by five percent in 2023 – but some of the smallest...
Industry News / August 11, 2023
Chairwoman Calls for Renewal of Expired Spectrum Auction Authority
(FCC) Statement issued thirty years after the FCC was first given Congressional authority to run spectrum auctions and five months after that...
Industry News / August 7, 2023
FCC Launches Technical Inquiry Into Using AI and Other Tools to Manage Spectrum
This Notice of Inquiry will explore how new tools can promote effective spectrum management and identify new opportunities for innovation, the FCC...
Industry News / August 3, 2023
FEMA Looks To October For Next National Test Of Emergency Alert Systems
(Inside Radio) Under FCC rules, participating wireless providers must deliver the alerts to the area specified by the alert originator with no more...
Industry News / August 2, 2023
Format Counts: Country Still Leads, While Religion Shows The Biggest Gains
(Inside Radio) The religion category, which includes teaching and variety-formatted stations, has added the most outlets, up a net 35 (+1.7%) since...
Industry News / July 25, 2023
AM/FM Consumption Found To Be Way Higher Than Anticipated
(Radio INK) Between OTA radio, streaming audio, and television, we live in a world inundated by media consumption – but just how much do we actually...
Industry News / July 25, 2023
FEMA Plans the Next National EAS Test
(Radio World) The most recent national EAS test was in 2021 and showed improvement over two years prior, according to a subsequent report by the...
Industry News / July 21, 2023
FCC Preserves Local Radio Programming From Channel 6 LPTV Stations
(FCC) This action will provide communities the ability to continue listening to the programming they have come to rely on.
Industry News / July 18, 2023
FCC Tells Stations To Get Ready For 2023 Biennial Ownership Report Requirement
(Inside Radio) Under Federal Communications Commission rules, all commercial and noncommercial stations are required to file ownership reports every...
Industry News / July 17, 2023
FCC Finalizing Big Change To Radio Records and Filings
(Radio Ink) The Federal Communications Commission Media Bureau has announced a significant shift in its handling of electronic records and filings,...
Industry News / July 17, 2023
FCC OKs Test of Low-Power 5G Broadcasts
(B&C) Low-power stations are looking to leapfrog the ATSC 3.0 standard’s data offload potential with what is being billed as “5G...
Industry News / July 14, 2023
FCC Sets August Vote On HD Radio Power Boost
(Inside Radio) A proposed rule change that would allow FM stations using HD Radio technology to boost their power is on the agenda for the Federal...
Industry News / July 14, 2023
FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for August Open Meeting
(FCC) FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced the items tentatively on the agenda for the August Open Commission Meeting scheduled for...
Industry News / July 13, 2023
Chair Shares Proposal Seeking Comment on Video Programming Landscape
(FCC) One of the Commission’s primary statutory objectives with respect to multichannel video programming is to foster a diverse, robust, and...
Industry News / July 5, 2023
EAS Manufacturers Still Working on Those FCC Updates
(Radio World) EAS equipment manufacturers are finalizing software updates this summer so U.S. radio stations can bring their boxes up to date to...
Industry News / June 26, 2023
FCC Adopts ATSC 3.0 Multicast Licensing and Extends Sunset Dates
(FCC) FCC modifies its ATSC 3.0 rules to permit multicast licensing; extends the sunsets of the substantially similar rule and A/322 standard...
Industry News / June 22, 2023
FCC Wants to Make Pay-TV Bills More Transparent
(TVtech) The FCC is following up on its promise it made several months ago to require that pay-TV operators provide clear, concise and accurate...
Industry News / June 21, 2023
FCC Proposes Video ‘All-In’ Pricing Disclosures
(FCC) The Federal Communications Commission has proposed requiring cable and satellite TV providers to give consumers the “all-in” price for their...
Industry News / June 15, 2023
FCC Announces Disruptions to Universal Licensing System
(FCC) The Federal Communications Commission has alerted broadcasters to a disruption of its Universal Licensing System (ULS). Various services have...
Industry News / June 8, 2023
FCC Explores Spectrum Sharing Approaches for the 42 GHz Spectrum Band
(FCC) With ever-increasing demand for wireless services and a finite supply of airwaves, it is more important than ever to focus on finding ways to...
Industry News / June 6, 2023
FCC Tweaks Process for Submitting State EAS Plans
(Radio World) The FCC has issued a public notice with procedural changes about how state EAS plans are submitted and monitoring assignments are...
Industry News / May 2, 2023
FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for May Open Meeting
(FCC) Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced that the items below are tentatively on the agenda for the May Open...
Industry News / April 28, 2023
May Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters
(Broadcast Law Blog) May is relatively light on scheduled regulatory deadlines for broadcasters, but the following dates are worthy of...
Industry News / April 27, 2023
Broadcasters Beware of Airing Untrue Political Ads
(Broadcast Law Blog) As you may have observed, TV pundits have talked about this “high bar” which must be surmounted before liability can be found...
Industry News / April 24, 2023
Industry Gears Up For Hybrid Radio In The Digital Dash
(Inside Radio) While the FCC’s Future of Television initiative made headlines at last week’s NAB Show, for radio the biggest buzz was around...
Industry News / April 21, 2023
FCC Updates EAS Operating Handbook
(Inside Radio) The new FCC 2023 EAS Operating Handbook is now available. The latest version from the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security...
Industry News / April 21, 2023
FCC Reminds Licensees of Reportable Foreign Ownership Obligations
(FCC) Enforcement Advisory reminds license holders and authorized telecommunications providers with reportable foreign ownership, investment, or...
Industry News / April 18, 2023
FCC Adopts Amendments to LPTV and TV Translator Rules
(FCC) In the Matter of Update of Parts 74 of the Commission’s Rules Related to Low Power Television and Television Translator...
Industry News / April 17, 2023
Chairwoman Announces ‘Future of TV’ Public-Private Initiative
(FCC) FCC and National Association of Broadcasters to collaborate on completing the transition to ATSC 3.0
Industry News / April 14, 2023
FCC To Hold Open Commission Meeting Thursday, April 20, 2023
The Federal Communications Commission will hold an Open Meeting on the subjects listed below on Thursday, April 20, 2023, which is scheduled to...
Industry News / March 30, 2023
April Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters
(Broadcast Law Blog) April brings to an end the four-year license renewal cycle that began in 2019 with the filing of renewals by radio stations in...
Industry News / March 24, 2023
U.S. Appeals Court Upholds FCC Broadband Subsidy Process
(Multichannel News) A federal appeals court has upheld the constitutionality of the way the Federal Communications Commission hands out billions of...
Industry News / March 23, 2023
FCC Proposes Mandating ‘All-In’ Cable Video Price Disclosure
(Multichannel News) Rosenworcel has proposed an item to the other commissioners that would require cable and satellite providers to “specify” an...
Industry News / March 21, 2023
Congress Wants Digital Platforms To Follow Same Political Ad Rules As Radio
(Inside Radio) There is a fresh effort in Washington to bring an end to the political disadvantage that radio, television, and print advertisements...
Industry News / March 17, 2023
FCC Proposes Audio Descriptions for All TV Stations
(Broadcasting & Cable) Audio descriptions provide narration for non-dialogue scenes for the blind and visually impaired. For instance, “Fred...
Industry News / March 16, 2023
FCC Proposes Expanding Audio Description for All TV Markets
(FCC) The Federal Communications Commission today proposed to expand audio description regulations to all remaining market areas where the...
Industry News / March 15, 2023
Radio Owner Says Digital FM Power Increase Would Hurt Small Broadcasters
(Radio World) A New Jersey broadcaster is warning the FCC that a proposal to grant a power increase for digital FM radio stations in the United...
Industry News / March 15, 2023
FCC Updates Equipment Authorization Standards
(FCC) We update our rules to incorporate four new and updated standards that are integral to equipment testing.
Industry News / March 14, 2023
Be aware of the NCAA’s protection of its many trademarked phrases
(Inside Radio) As always, stations are advised to seek expert help to avoid confusion.
Industry News / March 9, 2023
FCC Announces CSRIC VIII Meeting on March 21
(FCC) The FCC announces that the Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council VIII will meet Tuesday, March 21, 2023, at 1:00...
Industry News / March 8, 2023
EAS, EEO, Office Reopening, Filing Fee Guide.
(Inside Radio) Broadcasters should start preparing for mid-term EEO compliance checks by the FCC according to attorneys at Fletcher Heald &...
Industry News / March 6, 2023
FCC Adopts Temporary Stay of ATSC 3.0 A/322 Rule Sunset
(FCC) The Commission adopted an Order temporarily staying the March 6, 2023 sunset of the ATSC 3.0 requirement for broadcaster primary streams to...
Industry News / March 3, 2023
AM/FM Radio Continues To Dominate In-Car Media
(Inside Radio) After two years of slightly depressed commuting in cars triggered by the pandemic, Americans are back behind the wheel in numbers...
Industry News / March 1, 2023
Blame Inflation As FCC Application Fees Jump Nearly 12%
(Inside Radio) The cost of doing some business with the Federal Communications Commission is going up, at least for anything that involves filing an...
Industry News / March 1, 2023
Ad Tax Fight Returns To Connecticut With Fresh Effort To Collect Tax On Digital Ads
(Inside Radio) The bill introduced in Connecticut (HB 5673) would create a ten percent tax on the annual gross revenues derived from digital...
Industry News / February 28, 2023
FCC’s spectrum auction authority nears March expiration
(Roll Call) The top Republican and Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are working to avert a lapse next month in the Federal...
Industry News / February 27, 2023
March Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters
(Broadcast Law Blog) March may not have any of the regular FCC filing deadlines, but there are still plenty of regulatory activities going on this...
Industry News / February 27, 2023
Dialogue Between Automakers and AM Advocates Continues
(Radio World) Sen. Ed Markey says the removal of AM radio from vehicles can create a serious risk to public safety, despite what automakers wrote in...
Industry News / February 24, 2023
FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for March Open Meeting
(FCC) Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced the items tentatively on the agenda for the March Open Commission Meeting scheduled for Thursday,...
Industry News / February 15, 2023
FCC Sifts Through Comments on Request to Boost FM Digital Power
(Radio World) The FCC is currently considering twin petitions that appear to have nearly unanimous support among broadcasters and interested parties...
Industry News / February 15, 2023
FCC Still Wants Multilingual Emergency Alerts, But Its Focus Has Turned To Wireless Alerts
(Inside Radio) FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel has sent letters to the nation’s nine largest providers of Wireless Emergency Alerts seeking...
Industry News / February 14, 2023
Reminder – EAS Test Reporting System Filing Deadline February 28
(FCC) The FCC has now indicated just how much it wants to see these Form One filings by sending reminder e-mails to contact representatives for EAS...
Industry News / February 13, 2023
FCC To Hold Open Commission Meeting Thursday, February 16, 2023
(FCC) The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which would begin the Commission’s required implementation of the Safe...
Industry News / February 6, 2023
Carr Applauds Bipartisan FACT Act
(FCC) Commissioner Carr Applauds Introduction of ‘Foreign Adversary Communications Transparency’ Act
Industry News / February 6, 2023
FCC, Give Broadcasters A 3.0 Task Force
The admission should not come as a surprise to anybody who has been closely following the rollout of 3.0.
Industry News / January 31, 2023
February Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters
(Broadcast Law Blog) There are normally a host of regulatory obligations at the beginning of February, but because of technical issues with the...
Industry News / January 31, 2023
FCC Extends Inspection File Deadline for Second Time
(Radio World) Filers will have even more time when it comes to getting their online public inspection files uploaded online.
Industry News / January 30, 2023
Broadcasters And FCC Are Split Over The Next Steps To Modernize EAS
(Inside Radio) New rules aimed at making the Emergency Alert System more resilient to cyberhacks being proposed by the Federal Communications...
Industry News / January 27, 2023
FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for February Open Meeting
(FCC) FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced the items tentatively on the agenda for the February Open Commission Meeting scheduled for...
Advocacy News / January 26, 2023
An Overview of the Hot Policy Topics in Music Licensing
(Broadcast Law Blog) Royalties paid for the use of music by broadcasters and digital media companies, and other issues about music rights, can be an...
On Air Radio Station
Industry News / January 25, 2023
FCC Names Tentative Winners of 34 More Noncom FM CPs
(Radio World) The FCC has identified tentative winners of another 34 new noncom educational FM construction permits.
Industry News / January 25, 2023
New Tower-Building Guidance From FCC To Save The Tiny Northern Long-Eared Bat
(Inside Radio) The two-inch northern long-eared bat’s territory includes 37 states and the District of Columbia.
Industry News / January 23, 2023
FCC Broadcast Filing Deadlines for January and February
(FCC) List of FCC Filing Deadlines for January and February 2023
Industry News / January 17, 2023
Broadcasters Onboard With Proposal To Hike HD Radio Power Levels
(Inside Radio) With phrases like “enthusiastically support” and “no downside,” several radio groups are backing a proposal that, if adopted, would...
Industry News / January 5, 2023
Contemplating Changes To Media Ownership Rules, FCC Takes Stock Of Audio Market
(Inside Radio) The 2022 Communications Marketplace Report is the biannual assessment of the industries regulated by the Federal Communications...
Industry News / January 5, 2023
New Government Data Shows U.S. Broadband Market Saturated: Analyst
(Next TV) FCC estimates say wired broadband is available to 93.7% of homes.
Industry News / January 5, 2023
What Can Broadcasters Do with 5G?
(TV Tech) 5G cellular service is widely available in populated areas and starting to have an impact on broadcasters from acquisition to...
Advocacy News / January 4, 2023
Gigi Sohn Is Renominated By President Biden For A Seat On The FCC
(Inside Radio) The conclusion of the previous Congress also brought an end to the nomination of Gigi Sohn to serve on the Federal Communications...
Advocacy News / January 3, 2023
Communications Marketplace Report
(FCC) The 2022 Communications Marketplace Report provides a comprehensive overview of the state of communications marketplace.
Advocacy News / December 22, 2022
FCC’s Media Bureau Opens Review of Media Ownership Rules
(TVTech) FCC noted that the Commission has not yet adopted final rules in the 2018 Quadrennial Review, which has been delayed by extensive...
Industry News / December 22, 2022
FCC Takes Latest Step to Improve Satellite Application Process
Seeking comment on changes to our rules, policies, or practices to facilitate the acceptance for filing of satellite and earth station applications...
Industry News / December 20, 2022
Get Ready to Submit Your EAS Form One Filing
(Radio World) Filings should be submitted via the FCC’s online EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS) no later than Feb. 28, 2023.
Industry News / December 19, 2022
FCC Hikes Radio Application Fees
(Radio World) The Federal Communications Commission is adjusting the fees it charges radio stations, and other businesses under its purview, for the...
Industry News / December 14, 2022
FCC Pushes Back Comment Deadline on Foreign Sponsorship Proposal
(Radio World) The commission on Tuesday said it would extend the comment deadline to Jan. 9, 2023, and bump the reply comment deadline to Jan. 24,...
Industry News / December 2, 2022
FCC Grants First 2.5 GHz Auction Licenses
(FCC) FCC Grants First 2.5 GHz Auction Licenses To Boost Mid-Band Spectrum For Rural America.
Industry News / November 14, 2022
FM Antenna Verification Change Takes Effect
(Radio World) It’s official now: FM and LPFM directional antenna patterns in the United States can be verified by computer modeling by the antenna’s...
Industry News / August 23, 2022
FCC 2.5 GHz Auction Nears $400 Million in Bids
Currently the FCC is holding four, one-hour rounds, but could increase the frequency and decrease the duration in a last push to prod bidders to...
Industry News / August 10, 2022
Noncoms to FCC: ATSC 3.0 Transition Is Challenging
The noncoms said they are not seeking waivers of the requirement that they continue to simulcast an ATSC 1.0 signal, suggesting that would not be in...
Industry News / August 5, 2022
FMs Impacted By TV Repack Have One Month Left To Seek Reimbursement From FCC
It was years in the making, but now time is running out. The Federal Communications Commission says FM station owners impacted by the television...
Industry News / August 4, 2022
Bill That Would Give Radio Power To Collectively Negotiate With Big Tech Shows Signs Of Life
The good news is a bill that would help broadcasters have more negotiating power when facing tech giants like Google is showing signs of life in...
Industry News / August 4, 2022
FCC Updates 17 GHz Rules to Support Spectrum for Satellite Broadband
Amendment of Parts 2 and 25 of the Commission’s Rules to Enable GSO Fixed-Satellite Service (Space-to-Earth) Operations in the 17.3-17.8 GHz...
Industry News / August 2, 2022
FCC, NTIA Sign New MOU on Spectrum Coordination
Updated MOU Will Help Revitalize the Interagency Spectrum Coordination Process to Once Again Produce Results for Consumers and the Economy.
Industry News / August 2, 2022
FEMA Alerts Broadcasters to Vulnerabilities in EAS Devices
FEMA said these vulnerabilities present a security concern, allowing outside actors to issue emergency alerts, whether it be via TV, radio or cable...
Industry News / August 1, 2022
FCC starts 5G mid-band spectrum auction
Auction 108 utilises a ‘clock-1’ auction format. This format is similar to the clock phase of past FCC auctions, but rather than offering multiple...
Industry News / August 1, 2022
FCC Signals It is Not Yet Done Focusing On Foreign Disclosure Requirement Updates
The Federal Communications Commission is weighing its options after a federal appeals court struck down a portion of its new rules governing the...
Industry News / July 29, 2022
FCC Starts 5G Mid-Band Spectrum Auction
First-of-Its-Kind Overlay Auction of 2.5 GHz Licenses Offers Opportunity to Fill in the Spectrum Gaps in Rural Wireless Coverage.
Industry News / July 26, 2022
What to Know Now About Foreign Sponsorship ID
Earlier this year, new FCC rules went into effect requiring radio and television stations to broadcast Sponsorship ID disclosures for programming...
On Air Radio Station
Industry News / July 21, 2022
Oxenford: FCC’s Hardened Stance Against Silent Stations Raises Important Questions
The Federal Communications Commission has been putting stations that remain silent for lengthy periods of time, even with its permission, on a...
Industry News / July 18, 2022
FCC needs additional $3 billion to help US carriers replace Huawei and ZTE equipment
In 2020, former President Donald Trump signed the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act, mandating that US telecoms replace any “suspect...
Industry News / July 15, 2022
Today’s The Day FCC Switches Over To CORES2 Technical System
The current system has been in place since 2016 and is primarily used by broadcasters to register for an FCC Registration Number – the identifier...
Industry News / July 14, 2022
Congressional Committee Approves Expanding FCC Spectrum Auction Authority
A Congressional committee this week approved the expansion of the FCC’s general auction authority in order to allow the commission to auction off...
Industry News / July 14, 2022
FCC Database Transitions
The FCC in recent years has been upgrading their technical systems (even though, as many broadcasters and their attorneys know, the upgrades are...
Industry News / July 13, 2022
State Broadcast Associations Ask FCC To Reject ZoneCasting Proposal
The heads of 49 state broadcast associations have called on the FCC to dismiss GeoBroadcast Solutions’ proposal to use boosters to create...
Industry News / July 13, 2022
Cord-Cutting Worsens For Linear Video in Q1 With 2.1 Million Subs Lost
Cord-cutting continues to get worse, with the linear video industry suffering its biggest quarterly losses since COVID knocked out live sports and...
Industry News / July 8, 2022
Representatives Express Concern About Geo-Targeting Proposal
Two members of Congress are expressing concerns about a proposal that would allow geo-targeting on FM. They’re asking the FCC to “carefully assess”...
On Air Radio Station
Industry News / July 8, 2022
FM Band Just Keeps Getting More Crowded
If you need proof that the FM band in the United States has gotten more crowded, look no farther than the latest station totals report from the...
Industry News / June 29, 2022
10 Reps Write to Rosenworcel on Geo-Targeting
The commission recently took another round of comments on the longstanding proposal from GeoBroadcast Solutions to allow FM stations to use a few...
Industry News / June 28, 2022
TV/Media Companies are Starting to Join the Crypto Craze
In the TV broadcasting/content distribution market, companies such as Sling TV, Replay, Script TV and ZEBEDEE are pushing ahead with crypto payment...
On Air Radio Station
Industry News / June 28, 2022
FCC Clarifies Class D FM Exemption
In a new order, the FCC now has clarified that Class D FMs do not have to comply: “Exempt licensees include those offering wholly instructional...
Industry News / June 23, 2022
FCC Kicks Tires on ATSC 3.0 Transition
The Federal Communications Commission is seeking public and stakeholder input on how TV stations’ transition to the ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV standard is...
Industry News / June 23, 2022
FCC Looks for Post-Nielsen Directory Market Metric
The move comes after decades of using Nielsen’s TV Station Index directory as its local market regulatory bible of sorts.
Industry News / June 22, 2022
FCC Seeks Comment on Deployment of Next Generation TV Technology
This Third Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeks comment on the state of the Next Generation Television, or ATSC 3.0, transition and on the...
Industry News / June 22, 2022
What’s Radio Look Like In 2032? Salem’s Dave Santrella Takes ’10-Year Challenge’
“Our ability to access products and services almost instantaneously without leaving home will be even more prevalent,” Santrella says.
Industry News / June 21, 2022
Comment Deadlines Set in FM6 NPRM
If you want to tell the FCC what you think about Franken FMs, the comment deadlines have now been posted.
Industry News / June 21, 2022
Twitter board recommends Elon Musk takeover bid
Once the merger is complete, stockholders will be entitled to $54.20 per share, the board said.
Industry News / June 21, 2022
FCC Has Been Investigating Counter Unmanned Aircraft Companies
One way to counter bad drones flying where they should not is by intentionally jamming the radio frequencies the drones use for navigation such as...
Industry News / June 20, 2022
Repacked Stations: Final Deadline for Submitting Invoices for Reimbursement
The FCC initially announced the close-out procedures on February 16, 2019 and announced the upcoming deadline in October 2020
Industry News / June 17, 2022
FCC says most requests for funds to replace Chinese telecom equipment are deficient
FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel said of 181 applications filed by mostly rural carriers under a $1.9 billion program, 122 were found to be...
On Air Radio Station
Industry News / June 17, 2022
Funding To Pay For Pirate Radio Sweeps Survives First Hurdle In Congress
Efforts to provide more federal funding to step up pirate radio enforcement have moved forward in Congress. The House Appropriations Committee has...
Industry News / June 16, 2022
House Panel Approves $3.4B of New Huawei ‘Rip-and-Replace’ Funding
The Trusted Communications and Networks Reimbursement Program – which runs the rip and replace effort – is managed by the Federal Communications...
Industry News / June 10, 2022
Wait on FCC maps hangs over new broadband program
Members of the Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday questioned the Biden administration’s top telecommunications official on the impending rollout...
Industry News / June 9, 2022
Want A New Set Of Call Letters? The FCC Says There’s A New Place To Get Them
The march of the Federal Communications Commission to its new computer system continues with the latest change impacting how radio stations request...
Industry News / June 7, 2022
FCC Seeks Comment on Channel 6 LPTV Stations Maintaining FM Service
The Commission adopts a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding a proposal to allow certain channel 6 low power television stations to continue to...
Industry News / June 6, 2022
EAS Rule Changes Take Effect
Last June, the FCC released an order implementing provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2021. It adopted rules to improve both...
Industry News / June 6, 2022
FCC Proposes Hiking Annual Regulatory Fees By 13% For Radio Stations
The Federal Communications Commission has released its outline for how much each station will pay with annual assessments jumping by 13% from a year...
Industry News / June 6, 2022
NextGen TV: Why We’re Doing It
Higher-quality pictures and immersive audio are just the tip of the iceberg of improvements.
Industry News / June 6, 2022
FCC to Hold Open Commission Meeting Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Sunshine Notice for June Open Commission Meeting.
Industry News / May 25, 2022
FCC Denies NAB, Sides With GeoBroadcast
The fight continues over technology from GeoBroadcast Solutions that, if approved by the FCC, would allow some FM boosters to geo-target programming...
Industry News / May 25, 2022
Johnson, Joyce cosponsor bill extending FCC’s wireless spectrum auction authority
U.S. Reps. Bill Johnson (R-OH) and John Joyce (R-PA) on May 16 signed on as original cosponsors of a bipartisan bill to extend the authority of the...
Industry News / May 24, 2022
FCC Sticks to Geotargeting Comment Deadline
The FCC Media Bureau will not give NPR and the NAB extra time to comment in its geotargeting FM booster proceeding.
Industry News / May 24, 2022
FTC Proposes Changes To Endorsement Guidelines Against Fake and Manipulated Reviews
The Endorsement Guides, first issued in 1980 and last amended in 2009, would expand the definition of what would be considered an endorser, toughen...
Industry News / May 23, 2022
FCC Explains Its Reasoning on FM Directional Modeling
The FCC has released the details of its order allowing FM broadcasters to use computer modeling to verify directional antennas.
Industry News / May 20, 2022
Congress Targets Tech Giants With Bill That Would Loosen Their Grip On Digital Ad Market
The digital juggernaut that local broadcasters face when going up against Google may become less formidable under a bipartisan effort unveiled...
Industry News / May 19, 2022
FCC Updates FM Radio Directional Antenna Verification Rules
Action Gives Radio Licensees Potential Savings Opportunity.
Industry News / May 18, 2022
FCC Will Consider Franken FMs in June
Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has released a list of topics for the commission’s June meeting and FM6 is on it.
Industry News / May 18, 2022
What’s The State Of The Audio Market? The FCC Begins Its Biennial Assessment
This being one of those years, the FCC has opened a comment period looking for feedback on audio competition.
Industry News / May 17, 2022
Congress must act to preserve the future of local journalism
Broadcast TV and radio stations, and the thousands of journalists they employ, are providing timely, trustworthy reporting on the issues affecting...
Industry News / May 17, 2022
FTC Expected To Begin Process Of Updating Endorsement Ad Guidelines This Week
The Federal Trade Commission has been signaling it is paying closer attention to endorsement ads and when it meets this week the FTC is expected to...
Industry News / May 17, 2022
Comment Sought on State of Competition in Communications Marketplace
OEA seeks input on the state of the communications marketplace to inform the Commission’s assessment of the state of competition in the...
Industry News / May 16, 2022
Broadcasters Call EAS ‘Vital Backup’ To Web-Based Alerts And Urge FCC To Leave It Unchanged
The message broadcasters are giving the Federal Communications Commission as it contemplates new updates to the Emergency Alert System could best be...
Industry News / May 13, 2022
While Cord-Cutting Accelerates, Streaming Growth Slows: Analyst
Direct-to-consumer reaches 585 million subscribers, revenue of $14.2 billion.
Industry News / May 13, 2022
FCC to Hold Open Commission Meeting, Thursday, May 19, 2022
The Commission will consider a Report and Order, Order on Reconsideration, and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking addressing foreign-originated...
Industry News / May 12, 2022
Verbit Buys U.S. Captioning
Established in 1999, U.S. Captioning offers post-production captioning in over 45 languages in addition to its real-time captioning...
Industry News / May 12, 2022
Broadcasters Blame Big Tech for Diversity Deficits
The annual collection of Form 395-B data on workforce composition (race and gender) has been in limbo for two decades.
Industry News / May 12, 2022
FCC Trying to Visualize New and Improved EAS
The FCC’s pursuit of ways to improve the utility of EAS to more effectively reach larger segments of the population, especially persons who are deaf...
Industry News / May 11, 2022
Congress Targets Loud Commercials on Streaming Services
The original CALM Act adopted the Advanced Television Systems Committee’s recommended practices for variations in commercial volume  in...
Industry News / May 11, 2022
Judge Rules Against Enforcement Bureau in Auburn Case
Despite the felony convictions of its president and sole shareholder, Auburn Network Inc. should not have its broadcast licenses revoked.
Industry News / May 10, 2022
FCC Eases Budget Restrictions for Rural Rate-of-Return Carriers
In this Order, the Commission temporarily waives, on its own motion, the application of the budget control mechanism for rate-of-return carriers...
Industry News / May 9, 2022
Format Counts: More Stations Moving To Classic Rock And Contemporary Christian
Compared to April 2021, Classic Rock has the best story to tell. It’s added 35 stations for a 5.9% increase that pushes the format from 10th...
Industry News / May 6, 2022
Deadline Set for New Geo-Targeting Comments
Comment deadlines have been set in the FCC’s latest call for input about geo-targeting using FM boosters.
Industry News / May 6, 2022
FTC Takes Action Against Frontier for Lying about Internet Speeds
The Federal Trade Commission has moved to stop internet service provider Frontier Communications from lying to consumers and charging them for...
Industry News / May 5, 2022
FCC Accepting Applications for Pathways Program
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it is now accepting applications for its Pathways Program, which offers recent...
Industry News / May 3, 2022
FCC Announces $200 Million for New RDOF Broadband Deployments
Industry News / May 3, 2022
More Of The FCC’s Radio Filings Are Moving Over To Agency’s New Licensing System
The FCC says it has also added new features to LMS. Those include the ability to search by frequency or channel using the “Frequency/Channel” option...
Industry News / May 2, 2022
Digital Video Ad Spend to Reach Nearly $50B in 2022
Digital video advertising spend surged 49% in 2021 and is expected to increase an additional 26% to $49.2 billion in 2022, according to IAB’s...
Industry News / May 2, 2022
FEMA Says No National EAS Test Is Planned For This Year
The national test of the Emergency Alert System has become a near-annual tradition since the first one was conducted in 2011. But the Federal...
Industry News / April 29, 2022
FCC Poised To Change Directional FM Tower Siting Rules
Four FM antenna manufacturers, including Jampro Antennas, Radio Frequency Systems, and Shively Labs, along with Educational Media Foundation, last...
Industry News / April 29, 2022
FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for May Open Meeting
FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced the items tentatively on the agenda for the May Open Commission Meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 19,...
Industry News / April 27, 2022
Ligado Networks critics step up opposition as service launch nears
Ligado Networks faces renewed calls to block its terrestrial wireless plans over GPS interference concerns as the company prepares to turn part of...
Industry News / April 25, 2022
FCC taking a new look at one cause of spectrum squabbles: shoddy receivers
The issue is a growing problem for telecom companies, which time and again have seen multibillion-dollar wireless projects run aground on claims...
Industry News / April 25, 2022
QR Codes On TV: Stations And Their Advertisers Are Buying Into Them
TV and a mobile phones are increasingly proving a winning combination for local TV sales staff and the area businesses that advertise there.
Industry News / April 22, 2022
FCC To Even Emergency Alert Playing Field Between Broadcasters And Wireless Companies
Now, as the Wireless Emergency Alerts system (WEA) celebrates its tenth anniversary, the Federal Communications Commission is looking for the same...
Industry News / April 22, 2022
FCC Launches Proceeding on Promoting Receiver Performance
The Commission takes a fresh look at the role of receiver performance in our spectrum management responsibilities, with the goal of facilitating new...
Industry News / April 21, 2022
Broadcasters Ask FCC to Dismiss Cable ATSC 3.0 Concerns
Back in November 2021, the FCC tentatively concluded that NextGen TV broadcasters — ones with signals in the ATSC 3.0 standard — should...
Industry News / April 21, 2022
FCC Proposes Fine for Failing to Accurately Disclose Foreign Ownership
FCC Takes Enforcement Action Against Truphone For Failing To Accurately Disclose Foreign Ownership Stake By Dual Russian/Cypriot Nationals.
Industry News / April 19, 2022
FCC Seeks More Comment on Geo-Targeting
The FCC wants to know what the industry thinks about recent trials of geo-targeting using FM boosters. Those trials were conducted at stations in...
Industry News / April 18, 2022
FCC Issues Guide on Exclusive Broadband Marketing Agreements
Now, the commission has released a Small Entity Compliance Guide to facilitate compliance with the rules for providers who may not have an army of...
Industry News / April 18, 2022
Big Four Affiliates Push for Regulating vMVPDs
Affiliated TV stations said they are suffering a double retransmission-consent hit from their networks driven by the move to streaming video.
Industry News / April 18, 2022
Update to FCC’s Covered List: The Commission Identifies Three New Companies as National Security Risks
Last Friday, the FCC expanded its list of companies it believes pose a risk to U.S. national security. The new additions include equipment and...
Industry News / April 18, 2022
The FCC Wants To Add More Visuals To EAS. HD Radio Could Play A Role
The Federal Communications Commission is expected to approve several proposed updates to the wireless emergency alerting system this week, but it is...
Industry News / April 14, 2022
FCC Pushes to Reimagine Emergency Alerting
The FCC recently asked EAS stakeholders to brainstorm what the future of emergency alerting in the United States might look like and how to plan a...
Industry News / April 13, 2022
Broadcasters’ Challenge To New FCC Foreign Disclosure Rules Has Its Day In Court
The new rules, which were adopted with bipartisan unanimity last year, would require stations check a federal database of entities registered as...
Industry News / April 11, 2022
ERI Concerned About Directional FM Modeling
Electronics Research Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing FM antennas for nearly 80 years, so the company’s opinions on broadcast...
Industry News / April 11, 2022
Unless The FCC Acts, Some Stations Face Reduced Local News
It’s hard to believe, but a loophole in Federal Communications Commission regulations is threatening the ability of television stations across the...
Industry News / April 8, 2022
Universal Power-Up Time For AMs Seen As One Potential Fix For Proposed Clock Change
Talk in Washington about making Daylight Saving Time permanent may bring cheers from people who hate the “spring forward” and “fall back” disruption...
Industry News / April 8, 2022
Cord-Cutting Makes a Comeback
Cable video customer losses, which improved over the past few quarters during the pandemic, are back on the rise, according to a Moody’s Investor...
Industry News / April 7, 2022
Nonprofit Briefs: Annual IRS filings for nonprofits
The filing deadline for an annual nonprofit informational return to the IRS is officially the 15th day of the fifth month after the end of the...
Industry News / April 7, 2022
Rotella Raises Daylight Saving Concerns With Pallone
Broadcasters in New Jersey are pushing Congress to consider the impact on AM broadcasters if Daylight Saving Time becomes permanent.
Industry News / April 6, 2022
FCC Ends Incumbent-Only Filing Window, Opens T-Band to New Applicants
There has been a freeze on new applicants in the T-band since 2012. The commission implemented a freeze on the acceptance and processing of most...
Industry News / April 5, 2022
Twitter to appoint Elon Musk to board of directors
Twitter will appoint Tesla CEO Elon Musk to its Board of Directors to serve as a term expiring at the social media company’s 2024 annual meeting of...
Industry News / April 5, 2022
There’s Another Computer Update At The FCC. This Time It’s With The Comment System
On the heels of January’s move to a new database system, the Federal Communications Commission on Monday hit refresh on its Electronic Comment...
Industry News / April 4, 2022
FCC Lays Out Its Priorities For The Next Four Years
In addition to looking back, the Commission has also released its strategic plan for the fiscal years 2022 to 2026.
Industry News / April 1, 2022
Why Wait For DOJ? Rosenworcel Thinks The FCC Should Be Able To Enforce Fines On Its Own
During questions about how the FCC should deal with robocalls, Rosenworcel had a request for Congress, and it is one that could have an impact on...
Industry News / April 1, 2022
FCC’s Rosenworcel: Better Broadband Maps by Fall
FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel promised Congress that the FCC would produce better broadband availability maps by the fall.
Industry News / March 31, 2022
Consumer Awareness of NextGen TV Grows to 40%, According to Study
As NextGen TV, the new digital broadcast standard, spreads from market to market, consumer awareness is growing as well.
Industry News / March 31, 2022
FCC Announces Second Public Hearing On Broadband Consumer Labels
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today announced the second of a series of virtual public hearings as part of its broadband consumer...
Industry News / March 29, 2022
National Advertisers Spend Nearly As Much On Digital Audio As Broadcast Radio, Analysis Shows
The gap between digital and AM/FM radio continues to close, at least when it comes to where national advertisers are placing their dollars.
On Air Radio Station
Industry News / March 29, 2022
Radio Streaming Rates Likely To Remain In Limbo Until Next Year
How much radio stations will pay in music royalties for streaming online will remain unknown until 2023 – or later
Industry News / March 28, 2022
April Fool’s Day and the FCC’s Hoax Rule – Be Careful Out There
As life slowly returns to something approaching normal after the last two years, radio stations may be inclined to go big on some April Fool’s Day...
Industry News / March 28, 2022
Six New FCC Technical Rules Go Into Effect On April 18
The order approving the revisions has been published in the Federal Register, and with that the 30-day clock to their effective date begins. The...
Industry News / March 24, 2022
Radio STILL Dominates The Car
Despite slick, new, computer-like infotainment systems in every new automobile that rolls off the lot, free radio continues to dominate listening in...
Industry News / March 24, 2022
Broadcasters on High Alert for Cyber Attacks
The United States government earlier this week again issued warnings to all American companies about potential threats tied to the current political...
Industry News / March 23, 2022
Reuters removes TASS Russian news agency from its content marketplace
March 23 (Reuters) – Reuters has removed TASS from its business-to-business marketplace for customers, according to a Reuters message to staff...
Industry News / March 22, 2022
Global TV White Space Spectrum Market Size And Forecast to 2022 – 2027
The report extensively details the overview and core working of the parent market. It accurately proposes the present and future market size...
Industry News / March 22, 2022
U.S. will launch 2.5 GHz spectrum auction bidding July 29
The new mid-band spectrum auction will offer approximately 8,000 new flexible-use, county-based licenses — in mostly rural parts of the...
Industry News / March 22, 2022
Here Come The EEO Audits
The FCC this week began sending letters to stations notifying them they are on the list to come under review.
Industry News / March 22, 2022
FCC Launches Auction 108 Mapping Tool
In conjunction with the adoption of procedures for Auction 108, WTB and OEA announce the launch of a mapping tool that can be used to help assess...
Industry News / March 21, 2022
FTC and Justice Department Launch Listening Forums on Firsthand Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions
Wednesday, April 27 at 1:30pm ET – Media and Entertainment Thursday, May 12 at 2pm ET – Technology
Industry News / March 10, 2022
Broadcasters Blame Big Tech for Diversity Deficits
Broadcasters are pushing back hard on the Federal Communications Commission’s potential restoration of the mandate that broadcasters file data on...
Industry News / March 2, 2022
FCC Plans 2.5GHz Spectrum Auction for July, Paves Way for 6G at MWC 2022
FCC  Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday that the US will hold a 5G auction for 2.5GHz midband...
Industry News / March 1, 2022
FCC probing Russian ownership ties to US media & telecom industries
In the wake of the Ukraine invasion, the Federal Communications Commission is working to identify wireless carriers, mobile providers, and media...
Industry News / February 28, 2022
Appeals Court Allows FCC To Proceed With New Sponsor ID Rules
A federal appeals court in Washington has rejected an attempt by the National Association of Broadcasters to delay new foreign sponsorship...
Industry News / February 28, 2022
Chair Rosenworcel Launches Inquiry to Reduce Cyber Risks
Rosenworcel Proposes Inquiry into Vulnerabilities of Internet Global Routing System in Response to Increasing Risk of Cyber Attacks.
Industry News / February 25, 2022
FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for March Open Meeting
FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced that the items below are tentatively on the agenda for the March Open Commission Meeting scheduled for...
Industry News / February 21, 2022
FCC Finalizes Changes to Radio Tech Rules
The Federal Communications Commission has finalized a series of changes to its technical rules covering U.S. broadcast radio.
Industry News / February 16, 2022
FCC Announces Procedures and Deadlines for Upcoming Auction of Full Power TV Construction Permits
The filing window for Short-Form Applications (on FCC Form 175) will open on March 17th at 12:00 pm EST and close at 6:00 pm on March 30th.
Industry News / February 16, 2022
FCC Adopts Rules Boosting Broadband Choice for Tenants
The FCC has unanimously voted to close what it says are loopholes that have allowed broadband providers to evade rules meant to give tenants in...
Industry News / February 15, 2022
Bipartisan legislation seeks to reform FCC satellite licensing rules
The top Democrat and Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee announced a bipartisan effort Feb. 11 to update satellite licensing rules...
Industry News / February 7, 2022
Rosenworcel Notifies Congress of Demand for Rip and Replace Program
Robust Response to Supply Chain Reimbursement Program with 181 Applications Filed to Remove Equipment and Services that Pose a Threat to National...
Industry News / February 4, 2022
House Approves Wireless Broadband Supply Chain Funding
The House has narrowly passed the America COMPETES (Creating Opportunities for Manufacturing, Preeminence in Technology and Economic Strength) Act,...
Industry News / February 2, 2022
Next-Generation ‘Franken FMs’ on the Rise
It’s been more than a decade since the first so-called “Franken FM” radio stations took to the air—stations licensed as Ch. 6 TV operations, but...
Industry News / February 2, 2022
FCC Defends Enhanced Foreign Programming Sponsorship ID Rules
The FCC said broadcasters’ challenge of its new program sponsorship rule changes are wrong on all counts.
Industry News / January 28, 2022
FCC revokes China Unicom’s authorization to operate in U.S.
The 4-0 vote to revoke the authority that had been granted in 2002 is the latest move by the American regulator to bar Chinese telecommunications...
Industry News / January 27, 2022
NATE Issues New Climber/Rescuer Training Standard
The new document, known as the Climber/Rescuer Training Standard (CRTS), is designed to assist in standardizing fall-protection and rescue training...
Industry News / January 27, 2022
FCC Takes Action on Unlicensed White Space Device & Database Issues
The 2nd Order on Reconsideration address the pending petitions of the push notification rules. TheFNPRM seeks comment on the database re-check...
Industry News / January 26, 2022
FCC Adopts Revised Political Broadcast Rules
A Report and Order adopted this week revises the rules with the goal, the commission said, of aligning them with modern campaign practices and...
Industry News / January 26, 2022
FCC Issues Reminder on Filing Process
The FCC’s Media Bureau is reminding everyone that applications and submissions that can be submitted using its Licensing and Management System must...
Industry News / January 25, 2022
Deal Review Dollar Threshold Just Went Up At FTC. Scrutiny And Costs May Also Rise
The Federal Trade Commission has raised the threshold that would trigger a review by the agency. The move would impact deals that have become less...
Industry News / January 24, 2022
FCC Shares Cyber Warnings About Russia
The Federal Communications Commission is encouraging communications companies to read a federal security advisory about cyber threats from Russia,...
Industry News / January 21, 2022
FCC Chair Rosenworcel Proposes Multitenant Dwelling ‘Loophole’ Fixes
The Federal Communications Commission is proposing to close what it says are loopholes that have allowed broadband providers to evade rules that are...
Industry News / January 21, 2022
TV Station Reimbursement Deadline Looms
Attention broadcasters in phases 6 through 10 of the FCC’s post broadcast incentive auction repack, a big deadline is coming up.
Industry News / January 21, 2022
Texas Broadcasters React to Possible DIRS Mandate
The Texas Association of Broadcasters is drawing attention to a Federal Communication Commission proposal to mandate that broadcasters submit status...
Industry News / January 20, 2022
Attorney General Drops Lawsuit on Google Over Radio Ads
Paxton alleges Google engaged in false and misleading practices in violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices—Consumer Protection Act.
Industry News / January 20, 2022
FCC Urged To Allow Technical Change That Would Improve FM’s Digital Coverage
Asymmetric sidebands are when an FM that’s made the switch to digital intentionally makes its signal’s sidebands unequal. To a layman such an idea...
Industry News / January 20, 2022
FCC Sets Technological Advisory Council Membership & First Meeting
The advisory council provides technical expertise to the Commission to identify importantareas of innovation and develop informed technology...
Industry News / January 19, 2022
Deadline to File Webcasting Fee Is on the Horizon
This annual required fee — known as a minimum fee and related statement of account — must be filed with SoundExchange by Jan. 31, 2022.
Industry News / January 19, 2022
Broadcast Issue Haunts Gigi Sohn’s Nomination To Fill FCC Vacancy
Gigi Sohn, President Biden’s pick to fill the remaining vacancy on the Federal Communications Commission, continues to have an uncertain...
Industry News / January 19, 2022
New privacy bill would put major limits on targeted advertising
A new bill seeks to dramatically reshape the online advertising landscape to the detriment of companies like Facebook, Google and data brokers that...
Industry News / January 17, 2022
A Broadcaster’s Regulatory Calendar for 2022
2022 will likely be a big election year, with all of the US House of Representatives seats and a third of those in the US Senate being contested, as...
Industry News / January 13, 2022
The Metaverse Is Coming. What’s It Mean For Radio?
The metaverse has become the top buzzword of 2022, as advertisers and media companies look for their place in virtual reality worlds and immersive...
Industry News / January 12, 2022
FCC Will Sunset CDBS Filing System Today At 5pm
The Consolidated Data Base System, or CDBS, the online filing system used by broadcasters to submit forms and applications to the Federal...
Industry News / January 12, 2022
Jessica Rosenworcel Pledges Cooperation with New NTIA Chief
Washington stakeholders were quick to weigh in after a somewhat divided Congress approved Alan Davidson as the new head of the National...
Industry News / January 11, 2022
FCC Won’t Set Minimum Service Standards for Affordable Connectivity Program Bucks
The Federal Communications Commission has decided not to set minimum service standards for the broadband service to low-income Americans that its...
Industry News / January 11, 2022
Senate Judiciary Committee Marking Up Big Tech Bill
The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a markup Thursday (Jan. 13) for a tough new online antitrust bill, and computer companies are not...
Industry News / January 7, 2022
FCC Proposes To Deny NAB White Spaces Complaint
The white spaces are spectrum in the TV band between channels that the FCC is allowing for unlicensed use.
Industry News / January 6, 2022
Google, Facebook hit with more than $200M in fines by French regulators
French regulators fined Google and Facebook a combined more than 200 million euros, or $226 million, saying the tech giants made it easier to users...
Industry News / January 6, 2022
FTC Warns of Serious Log4j Online Personal Data Threat
That came in a warning about the open source Log4j (Java logging package) software that is used to log activity for a host of consumer-facing online...
On Air Radio Station
Industry News / January 5, 2022
FCC Census Shows Pandemic’s Impact: Fewer Full-Power Stations Now Than A Year Ago
The number of commercial FMs, AMs and even low-power FMs all declined during 2021, as owners weathered another year of the pandemic and shifting...
Industry News / January 4, 2022
FCC Report On 2021 National EAS Test Shows Improvements Along With Familiar Problems
Fewer radio stations participated in the national test of the Emergency Alert System in August 2021, and among those that did, audio quality was the...
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