GSF Media is Creating “Ideas that Excite”

NRB | September 21, 2023 | Member News

GSF Media, a Nashville-based marketing and media company, specializes in producing high-quality content for clients seeking genuine relationships and “ideas that excite.” Since its inception, GSF Media has played a role in amplifying the voices of faith-based organizations, ministries, and individuals as well as customers in the radio, finance, real estate, medical, automotive, and construction industries.

The GSF team includes seasoned strategic and skilled advertisers, videographers, photographers, graphic designers, and professionals, collectively delivering comprehensive marketing services for over two decades. GSF celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022.

“You don’t accidentally stay in business for 25 years. It takes hard work, remarkable teammates, relentless innovation, and most importantly, phenomenal clients,” said GSF founder and President Greg Fast. “We’re blessed to have clients we still serve that have been with us since day one. It’s humbling, and we’re thankful for every client we serve.”

In 1997, Fast established GSF & Associates, formerly known as Royal Media, a sector of Thomas Nelson Publishing. In 2005, the company was rebranded to GSF Media.

The marketing agency engages in close partnerships with clients to craft, manage, and seamlessly integrate tailor-made marketing strategies. As a comprehensive agency, GSF excels in advising on the strategic use of digital media channels, incorporating Paid, Owned, and Earned elements to ensure effective audience engagement and impact.

“In 2020, we expanded into the general market, producing social media, digital strategies, photography, drone shots, video production, digital marketing, and much more,” said Mike Murray, Chief Operating Officer of GSF Media. “Here at GSF, we are excited about the future.”

From market analysis to negotiations to Nielsen ratings, GSF offers specialized expertise in radio syndication. The Tennessee marketing agency develops and oversees radio marketing plans that harness the potential of cost-effective mediums, effectively connecting with both existing and prospective customers. Their comprehensive services and extensive experience ensure that clients can trust the GSF staff to navigate the intricacies of radio broadcasting successfully.

Murray underscored the pivotal role of authentic relationships within the media and marketing industry, describing it as the linchpin of GSF’s approach.

“Genuine relationships are the key. They build trust, care, and concern,” said Murray. “Getting to know the person behind the business helps us shape how best to serve their needs and purpose.”

Murray, a seasoned NRB Convention-goer who has attended the conference since 1987, said NRB fosters a “camaraderie” amongst business professionals and is a “refreshing oasis” to likeminded believers.

“For GSF, NRB conventions end up being about 35 meetings with great friends and business associates that we love to meet with,” said Murray. “There’s a certain unity about NRB that just helps us to expand our business and expand our services.”

“The genuine relationships we build there, connecting our clients with people that are important to them, and then just seeing old friends that we’ve known for years––it’s like the biggest small family we’ve ever had,” Murray continued.

According to Murray, NRB is “where divine appointments happen” and networking opportunities are “endless.”

To Christian communicators and business professionals alike, Murray says, “You need to come to NRB.”

“Go to the convention floor, meet and greet with everyone you possibly can, and develop that rapport. Develop your own genuine relationships,” said Murray. “Because out of that can come situations of expansion you never dreamed would happen. You find new connections and new people that are doing things differently than you thought you could do them.”

GSF Media has been an NRB member since 1998. Fast and Murray currently serve on the NRB Board of Directors. To learn more about GSF Media, visit

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