Great Commission Event at NRB 2024 Emphasizes Unity in God’s Love

NRB | March 7, 2024 | NRB News

On the first afternoon of the four-day NRB 2024 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tenn., the Great Commission Forum provided a special opportunity for all Christian communicators to gain insights into the worldwide reach of Christian media.

The Great Commission Forum is a dedicated forum at the NRB Convention for U.S.-based professionals to find out what God is doing around the world and to meet potential ministry partners to help expand the reach of the gospel in their own sectors. The Forum featured Bishop Dr. Sunday Onuoha, founder and president of Vision Africa Ministries, and Andrew Palau, the son of Luis Palau and an evangelist for Luis Palau Association.

The Great Commission Reception, held just prior to the forum, provided attendees an opportunity to reconnect or form new personal connections with international colleagues, launching relationships that last far beyond NRB 2024.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Onuoha posed these questions: “Where is our common humanity? Is it a mirage? Do we still have something that binds us together?”

After reading from Ephesians 4:3-5, Dr. Onuoha gave an inspiring message about the love of God being the one binding force for the many people groups throughout the world. God’s love unites mankind to God and to one another, he said.

“The unbiased, undeserved love of God is what binds our common humanity to God,” Dr. Onuoha said. “God’s love transcends religion. God’s love is bigger than human language.”

Though diversity of nationality can be a factor toward disunity, he made the point that it can in fact be a strength for the gospel.

“Where you are born is not your choice,” Dr. Onuoha said. “We open our eyes to see where the world is hurting, and we must open our eyes to see where we are needed. God is calling you to many parts of the world. Your business is to open your heart and soul to what God wants to do through you.”

As founder of Vision Africa Ministries, Dr. Onuoha’s mission is to bring the hope of Christ to millions through their radio station, opening a new 50-bed hospital, and many other services dedicated to sharing God’s love ever more widely.

Palau shared a ministry update and a word of encouragement from his personal testimony.

“Never give up,” Palau said. “Persist in your work for the world, in your life, [and] in prayer. Share the gospel. You never know what God will do.”

He encouraged attendees that their gospel unity will be one of the most powerful witnesses of Christ’s love to the world.

The Luis Palau Association focuses on citywide evangelistic outreach to all sectors of society. Palau has led hundreds of campaigns throughout the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of individuals for more than 25 years.

This Forum was sponsored by LifeWise Academy and Christian Care Ministry. LifeWise Academy is a non-profit ministry that offers Bible education during school hours to over 320 public schools across the U.S., benefiting nearly 35,000 students since its launch in 2019. Christian Care Ministry seeks to connect individuals to a Christ-centered community wellness experience rooted in faith, prayer, and personal responsibility through a Medi-Share program, which allows Christians to mutually share their daily burdens.

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