Global Walk Inspires Hope One Step at a Time

NRB | May 9, 2024 | Member News

Global Walk Inc., founded by former Marine and law enforcement officer Sgt. Daniel Garcia, also known as “The Walking Man,” embodies the power of faith, perseverance, and walking by the Spirit. His wife and co-founder, Jackie Garcia, is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who lives out her vision of spreading hope and faith, particularly through writing.

Global Walk’s story begins with Garcia’s remarkable personal journey. After facing hardships growing up in the East Harlem neighborhood of New York City, as well as in his time serving in Vietnam, Garcia experienced a dramatic conversion to Christ, recounted in his co-authored memoir Marines Don’t Cry: Delivering the Message at All Costs. This transformation led him on a path of service, culminating in a staggering feat: over 52 million steps walked across six continents for children and world peace.

One final continent awaits him: Antarctica. The Garcias are collaborating with a travel agency and National Geographic to attempt the walk in March 2025, when Garcia turns 80.

Danny Garcia with his wife Jackie. (Image courtesy of Global Walk Inc.)

On December 7, 1996, Garcia embarked on his remarkable four-year prayer walk around the world. His journey began with a 3,500-mile trek across the United States, starting in San Francisco and ending in New York City. It commenced during a challenging time in Garcia’s life.

“I was walking by myself,” Garcia said. “I didn’t care, honestly, whether I lived or died at that time. In fact, I told God, ‘If You really want me to live, You’re gonna have to save me.’”

The first night, with only $48.00 in hand, Garcia contacted a friend who had served alongside him in Bosnia. The next day, the Marine Corps reserve unit in San Diego called Garcia, surprising him by offering support for his walk. For several days, the unit provided Humvee escorts for his safety, as well as complimentary hotel rooms.

Garcia’s global walk culminated in Sydney, Australia, in September 2000, coinciding with the opening of the Olympic Games. Through his cross-country walks, he encountered the needs of people around him. Even without personal funds, the Lord always provided resources to help. One instance—during Garcia’s walk through Jordan, Israel, Gaza, and Egypt—involved meeting a father whose son needed a heart operation. While Garcia couldn’t offer financial assistance directly, he continued walking and praying. Inspired by his walk, the Arab hospital learned about his cause and performed the surgery free of charge.

“When I walk, I’m there, but I’m not there,” Garcia said, “because the Holy Spirit has consumed me. I don’t talk when I’m walking. I listen to God.”

In January 2006, Garcia formed the non-profit Global Walk Foundation to raise funds and bring awareness to children’s charities, humanitarian relief, and more. He created ways of using his walks for peace to financially benefit causes that sought his support. Throughout Garcia’s numerous, storied advocacy endeavors, he has walked to raise awareness of crises and disasters, fund emergency infrastructure projects, and most importantly, to meditate and pray for those in need.

“We walk by faith,” Garcia said. “The walking is really the action part.”

Danny and Jackie walk through Uganda in 2007. (Image courtesy of Global Walk Inc.)

In December 2023, they took another step of faith. Taking money out of their own savings account, the Garcias put on the World Changers Concert in Augustine, Fla., to honor veterans, first responders, and their families. They covered all expenses, including lodging and food for the Marine Corps band.

“When it was all over, we lost $30,000,” Garcia said. “We didn’t lose it; we gave it away. I don’t own anything. [God] owns me, and anything I have is His.”

The Garcias extend their impact beyond Global Walk. Danny Garcia Walking Man, LLC, their production company, also raises funds for charitable causes.

“What’s really important is that it doesn’t matter where we are,” Jackie shared, “whether people come to our house or we’re just meeting them in line or at the doctor’s office, or on another continent. It’s all about spreading the love of Jesus.”

From the streets of Spanish Harlem to millions of steps for peace, Daniel Garcia’s story and the work of Global Walk offer a message of hope and a call to spread the Gospel, one step at a time.

“We think too much,” Garcia said. “We plan too much. We organize too much so we don’t have room for the Holy Spirit to do His thing. Why aren’t we relying on Him? Why don’t we believe what God said in giving… the Holy Spirit?”

World Changers Concert, December 2023. (Image courtesy of Global Walk Inc.)

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