Forum at NRB 2024 Addresses Israel’s War with Hamas

NRB | March 7, 2024 | NRB News

A forum on Wednesday, Feb. 21, at the NRB International Christian Media Convention addressed Israel’s war with Hamas and future relations with the U.S. and the international community. This panel explored the impact of the Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel and the war with Hamas on the everyday Israeli citizen, their government, and their relations with the international community.

Billy Hallowell, host and interviewer for Faithwire and CBN News, moderated the discussion. The panel touched upon rising antisemitism and the political divisions affecting the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Hallowell posed the question about whether it is truly possible for Israel to negotiate with Hamas. Chris Mitchell, Middle East bureau chief at CBN News, provided the perspective that Israel cannot negotiate with a force that is clear in its goal to wipe the entire ethnic group off the map.

“It’s not just a territorial battle,” Chris Mitchell, “It’s not for a two-state solution. It’s for a one-state solution. The goal of a group like Hamas is to take that land back.”

The panel also discussed anti-Israel and sometimes pro-Hamas rhetoric observed on Western college campuses.

Dr. Juergen Buehler, president of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), considered how this rhetoric, combined with the political turmoil in Gaza, could strengthen the radicalized Islamic community around the world.

“That’s why it’s very important that Israel has the support of the United States,” Buehler said, “that they finish the job, that they don’t negotiate with terrorists, that they are taking care of Hamas, that [Hamas is] wiped out. And it will not only be a new season for Israel, it will be a new season for the people in Gaza, and it will set a signal around the world that there is no-nonsense policy with terrorism.”

Joel Rosenberg, All Israel News editor-in-chief, encouraged the audience that God has used the hardship to open hearts to come to faith in Christ, marking a historical moment among Jews to considering Jesus as Messiah.

“Israel was blindsided, and the country’s rattled,” Rosenberg said. “And yet the doors, the hearts, the conversations are opening. People want to talk about God. They want to talk about the Bible. It’s ultimately a spiritual battle.”

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