FCC Considers LPTV Rulemaking to Update Public File Requirements, Political Rules, and More

NRB | May 31, 2024 | Industry News

On June 6, the FCC is set to vote on a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) that would launch a proceeding to revise the rules that govern low-power television (LPTV) stations. 

The draft NPRM and fact sheet propose several significant changes, such as new online public inspection file (OPIF) requirements and updated technical and operational standards. 

The NPRM would seek comment on whether to require low-power television stations affiliated with Big Four networks to comply with the same online public inspection file requirements that full power and Class A television stations must follow. It would also propose to make public inspection and political broadcasting rules applicable to all LPTV stations. 

Additionally, the NPRM offers several proposed technical and operational amendments, such as adopting minimum operating and defined minimum program requirements for LPTV stations, and more. View the fact sheet here.  

The official comment period begins when the rulemaking is published in the Federal Register, pending the full Commission vote on June 6.  

The FCC Media Bureau also announced that it is lifting its current freeze on major modification applications and, starting on August 20, will permit all Class A, low-power, and television translator stations to file major change applications in order to change their existing channel.   

The Media Bureau has opened a docket on the major modification applications issue, and any presentations or views expressed to the Commission must be filed in MB Dockets 24-147 and 24-148 through the Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS).  

These are consequential proposals for LPTV that stand to significantly adjust the status quo. As an association that represents many low-power television broadcasters, NRB is evaluating the impact of these proposals on stakeholders and soliciting member feedback in anticipation of FCC rulemaking.  

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