Jumpstart Your Next Capital Campaign

A capital campaign can provide a huge leap forward in helping your ministry grow, meet goals, and expand impact. Whether your campaign is within the next few months, years away, or is currently stalled, understanding how to best position your organization for campaign success is key. During this one-hour session, we will unpack three essential […]

Three Things Every Ministry CEO Needs to Know About Fundraising

For most nonprofits, growing fundraising effectiveness is key to growing your ministry impact. This webinar will cover three things every ministry CEO must know to optimize fundraising: Where and what should I look for when hiring/recruiting development staff? What are appropriate growth expectations to place on my development team? How can I make the most […]

Three Tips to Help Hire More Effective Fundraisers

Giving is the lifeblood of your ministry. To raise resources, you need good fundraisers. Nonprofit leaders consistently report, however, that finding and hiring effective fundraisers is one of their biggest challenges. What does it take to recruit top fundraising talent? In this session we will: Learn to recognize the ten characteristics that top-producing fundraisers have […]

Faith and Hollywood: How to Succeed as a Christian in Mainstream Media and Entertainment

As Christians, we're called to be salt and light to the world around us, and that includes the world of mainstream media and entertainment. However, Christians working in this field face unique challenges and questions as they seek to live faithfully in a hostile culture. NRB and Christians in Communications are excited to bring together […]

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