Empower Your Team to Unlock Potential at NRB 2024

NRB | December 7, 2023 | NRB News

With rapid shifts in the landscape of media and communications, staying abreast of new trends and understanding how to use essential tools is imperative for Christian organizations, networks, and ministries. The NRB International Christian Media Convention offers immense value for staff teams seeking to build knowledge and foster collaboration. As you make plans to attend the 2024 Convention, consider the value of NRB for your staff.

Here’s why you should ensure your whole team takes part in the NRB Convention experience:

Empower Your Team: NRB Convention is worth a few days away from the desk. Your staff will have access to a comprehensive convention agenda featuring industry talks and workshops designed to sharpen their skills and challenge their perspectives. Main stage sessions and forums will ignite important conversations about the media landscape, giving your team important food for thought and new points of connection with likeminded counterparts.

Networking Opportunities: Time to order more business cards! At networking events and receptions, your team will make innumerable valuable contacts with likeminded colleagues and decision-makers.

Cover More Ground: Increase your footprint by bringing more of your people. The bustling NRB Exhibit Hall, for example, is a great place for staff to fan out, get to know people, and explore cutting-edge innovations, technology, and solutions that can benefit your organization. Follow-up email introductions are great but building rapport and sharing the experience in person is even better.

The 2024 NRB Convention is a great opportunity to pour into your team. In addition to professional and educational value, NRB 2024 is a spiritually uplifting event that builds up your team with encouragement, inspiration, and enthusiasm for the future. Your team may include the next generation of leaders in a rapidly changing industry, and your organization will reap the benefits of getting them well-connected at NRB.

Need to request approval from your supervisor to attend NRB 2024? Check out our letter template here

Join us, along with your team, at the NRB 2024 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, February 20-23, 2024. To access a sample letter to request approval to attend the Convention, click here. To learn more and register visit www.nrbconvention.org.

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