Dr. Sebastian Gorka to Address Media and Industry Leaders at NRB Media Leadership Dinner

NRB | January 18, 2024 | NRB News

On Wednesday, February 21, NRB will welcome Sebastian Gorka, Ph.D., host of “AMERICA First” (Salem Radio Network) and former Deputy Assistant to President Donald J. Trump, to deliver the keynote address to the invitation-only 2024 Media Leadership Dinner in Nashville, Tenn. Gorka will discuss the importance of Christians speaking uncompromisingly to the culture in order to protect the future of faith and freedom.

Born to Paul and Susan Gorka, Gorka developed a profound understanding of freedom, instilled in him by his father’s resistance to the Stalinist dictatorship in Hungary. He developed a passion for talk radio from a young age, influenced by his family’s background. His commitment to fighting totalitarian ideologies, whether fascism, communism, or global jihadism, led him to various roles.

Gorka served in the British Army reserve and later contributed to the Pentagon-funded counter-terrorism program after 9/11. He eventually moved to the United States, became a proud American citizen in 2012, and earned his doctorate in Political Science from Corvinus University in Budapest and gained a fellowship at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. In Washington, D.C., he assumed the position of Associate Dean for Congressional Affairs and Relations to the Special Operations Community at National Defense University while also contributing to the Master’s program at Georgetown University.

Gorka’s extensive expertise includes briefings for intelligence agencies, participation in the Boston Bombing trial, and congressional testimony on the threat of Global Jihadism. Gorka is a prolific writer, having authored several books and contributed to numerous publications.

Before hosting his “AMERICA FIRST” news talk program, Gorka advised candidate Donald J. Trump and served as Deputy Assistant to the President for Strategy in 2017. In 2020, Trump appointed him to the National Security Education Board. To learn more about Gorka, click here.

The 2024 Media Leadership Dinner, attended by NRB leaders and key industry decision-makers, will be sponsored by Christian Healthcare Ministries, a budget-friendly, biblical, and compassionate healthcare cost solution for Christians, and My Faith Votes, a non-partisan movement that motivates, equips and activates Christians in America to vote in every election.

The NRB International Christian Media Convention is the premiere networking event for Christian communicators, serving as a pivotal point of connection for Christian media professionals on a national and global scale. To learn more and register, click here.

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