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NRB Writers’ Guidelines 

How do I write for NRB.org? 

All NRB.org articles start with a great pitch. Fill out the form on this page if you would like to pitch an article idea for NRB.org. Tell us your idea, why it’s a good fit for NRB, and why you are qualified to write it. We do not receive pitches via phone or physical mail. It doesn’t have to be long (300-500 words is pretty typical), but it should be completed in this form rather than sent as a separate file. Include a clear thesis statement and a brief explanation and/or support for that thesis. Tell us your idea and how you plan to develop it, and we’ll respond to you within the next two weeks. If we would like you to develop your pitch into a piece for us, we will follow up with specific requirements.

Who is NRB.org’s audience? 

NRB is an association of Christian communicators. Our audience includes executive and management level communicators in church media, digital media, film, music licensing, radio, and television. Our audience also includes students studying communications, international broadcasters, and churches and ministries developing and implementing strategic communications plans.

Core qualities of a NRB.org article 

We are looking for pieces that equip and encourage Christian communicators in their work and ministry. A published article that equips our members fosters excellence, integrity, and accountability. Tell a story of how the Christian communicator can improve their work, and paint a picture of what it would look like for Christian communicators to thrive in their roles. A published article that advocates for our members describes what is happening legislatively and why it matters to Christian communicators. Show that you understand the complexities, challenges, and opportunities of that legislation. A published article that encourages our members facilitates connections and relationships among Christian communicators. Offer insight on practical issues and how Christian communicators can walk in faithfulness.

Articles for NRB.org should be factually sound and well-researched. We are interested in “how to” articles, profiles, interviews, feature stories, and book reviews that are expertly written and well-supported. Click here to learn more about our mission.

What shouldn’t I submit? 

NRB.org does not publish the following:

    • Poetry
    • Movie, TV show, or video game reviews
    • Articles belittling or attacking a NRB member
    • Opinion pieces

Will I receive payment? 

Yes! We’ll pay you $150 for your original piece for NRB.org once the piece has been scheduled for publication (and then we ask that you don’t publish it anywhere else for a year).

A few things to keep in mind:

    • Sell us on why your story is relevant to NRB members.
    • We aren’t interested in academic papers, but we do look for data or quotes to back up any claims of fact.
    • Familiarize yourself with our style, voice, audience, and past NRB.org article topics. Do not ask if we accept pitches on a broad, general topic. Do research our previous coverage of that topic and send a fully formed pitch.
    • Make sure that we haven’t covered the topic recently.
    • Not every pitch we receive is a good fit for our mission and audience. Please don’t take a rejection email from us as a sign that your writing isn’t good or that you should stop. Be encouraged that if we can’t use your article at the moment, we might contact you in the future about a similar topic now that we know you are interested.
    • Please feel free to pitch us previously published articles for re-publication on NRB.org.
Write for NRB

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