CBN News Panel at NRB 2024: “Because Truth Matters”

NRB | March 21, 2024 | NRB News

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, at the 2024 NRB International Christian Media Convention, a panel of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) anchors, analysts, and correspondents presented a forum on truth and hope in journalism. Attendees gained insights into CBN News’ longtime commitment to delivering news of all subjects through a Christian lens.

John Jessup, CBN’s Washington, D.C. deputy bureau chief and “700 Club” news anchor, moderated the panel. He set up the discussion by encouraging attendees to look at the news not with despair or hopelessness but rather with a prayer to ask how they can participate with God in His plan for the world.

Speaking about a recent visit to Israel, Chris Mitchell, CBN News Middle East bureau chief who has been reporting in Jerusalem for 23 years, said, “I’ve never seen a time in my experience, and especially in my time at Israel, of how this has shaken the Jewish people, a threat that they have never experienced since the Holocaust.” Mitchell explained that accurate, truthful reporting on the situation in Gaza would bring encouragement to those living in the region.

Speaking to the situation in Israel from the vantage point of Washington, D.C., Abigail Robertson, CBN News White House correspondent, noted that while support for Israel used to be one of the few bipartisan issues on Capitol Hill, Senators and House members on the political left have begun to shift their perspective in recent years. Robertson predicted that support for Israel from the Biden administration may be a shifting issue in the days to come, given the dynamics of the upcoming presidential election.

George Thomas, CBN News senior international correspondent and co-anchor, touched on whether he believes China will invade Taipei. Having spent time in Ukraine since 2014 and witnessed the Russian invasion in 2022, Thomas was able to compare the impending situation in Taiwan to what is happening in Ukraine: “Every Ukrainian, across social, economic, political structure, has put down everything, and they’ve picked up arms. The Taiwanese have been really inspired by this.” He noted that though Taiwan is not fully ready to weather the blows of a pending attack, Taiwanese businessmen as well as the United States are locating resources and necessary weapons to prepare and equip Taiwan.

To conclude, Jessup asked David Brody, CBN News chief political analyst, to speak on how evangelicals can balance the mandate to make disciples, preach the gospel, and share God’s love against the civic duty to engage in politics. Jessup asked how Christians can avoid making politics an unintended false idol and looking to an earthly government to solve ultimate problems.

“It’s not easy,” Brody said. “How do you balance law and order and compassion? I think that is the struggle. While the answer isn’t easy, the hope is still there. And the hope comes in relationship—not just relationship to Christ, but in relationship to others. Instead of trying to win the argument with someone, why don’t you just get to know that person first. I think when you hit that, then you can have the deeper conversation.”

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To stream recordings of the 2025 NRB Convention, please visit NRB’s digital storefront. The next NRB Convention will be held February 24-27, 2025, at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Grapevine, Texas. For more information, go to

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