CBN Docufilm Sheds Light on the Old Testament’s True Story

NRB | October 19, 2023 | Member News

In a recently released documentary by CBN Films, “Oracles of God: The Story of the Old Testament,” a tapestry of biblical history is vividly woven together through reenactments, expert interviews, and breathtaking visuals. Director Erin Zimmerman felt led to offer an authentic portrayal of the Bible’s origins, challenging the misconceptions that have clouded its history for centuries.

Recognizing the need for a documentary that would honor the Bible with truth and focus on “facts without an agenda,” Zimmerman created “Oracles of God,” released June 5, 2023.

Image courtesy of Biblical Productions

Zimmerman’s journey began with a realization while watching previous documentaries on the Bible. “I couldn’t find one that I thought was doctrinally correct, or from a Christian standpoint, or even historically correct,” she recounted. “They all seemed to come from the viewpoint that the Bible’s text is corrupt, that there was some chicanery in choosing the books, and that it was for political influence, and all of these things.”

As Zimmerman delved into the Bible’s depths, she discovered that the formation of the Old Testament was a meticulous and detailed process. “The New Testament canon, while that took about 300 years to develop, the Old Testament, or Hebrew Bible canon, was fairly quick,” she explained. “There weren’t really disputes. The Jewish people… they sort of accepted the books as they came along.”

The enlightening journey through Scripture presented in “Oracles of God” profoundly affected Zimmerman’s own faith journey. Growing up in the church and attending Christian schools and universities, she had always held her beliefs with confidence. However, the docufilm opened “a whole new avenue” to address common challenges to the veracity of Scripture.

“I [now] see why we have to have this evidence, because there’s all kinds of claims coming against it,” Zimmerman reflected. “The Bible says we need to be ready to always have an answer about our faith.”

Image courtesy of Biblical Productions

Zimmerman hopes that audiences will watch the film and emerge with a newfound conviction that the Bible is not a “corrupted text.” The filmmaker is gearing up for a second installment of “Oracles of God,” which will delve into the New Testament. A third film will concentrate on the intriguing “creation of the canon.”

“Oracles of God” was a sponsor of the 2023 NRB International Christian Media Convention in Orlando, Florida. The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has been an NRB member since 1968. To learn more about “Oracles of God,” please click here.

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