Bott Radio Honors Core Christianity with New Broadcast Ministry of the Year Award

NRB | April 2, 2020 | Member News

Bott Radio Network (BRN) honored the Core Christianity broadcast with its New Broadcast Ministry of the Year Award at its annual NRB Celebration Breakfast, held this year on February 28 concurrently with the NRB 2020 Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to the Kansas City-based network, Core Christianity began broadcasting on BRN in 2019.

Rich Bott, Chairman and CEO of BRN, said that Core Christianity was chosen “For embracing the creative power of radio with faithful, Biblical answers, to connect the hearts of listeners to the power of God’s Word.”

In receiving the award, Mark Green, President of Southern California-based Core Christianity, said their mission is simply: “Get the Gospel out.”

“Great to be here praising God for the opportunity we have to partner together to get the Word out,” added Adriel Sanchez, Co-Host of the Core Christianity broadcast.

The mission of Core Christianity is to answer the hard, unsettling questions of our times with both skeptics and Christians in mind. They give answers not only to why Christianity is true, but why it is also good and beautiful. The message focuses on the core historic faith. And this historic Christian faith is nothing less than the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world.

The daily half-hour broadcast answers calls from listeners and is hosted by seminary professor Dr. Michael Horton and Pastor Adriel Sanchez. The ministry recently expanded to be heard on BRN’s network of 120 stations reaching into 15 states. In addition, BRN broadcasts on iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio, mobile apps, Amazon Echo, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

Bott Radio Network has been a member of NRB since their founding in 1962.

PHOTO ABOVE: (From left to right) Adriel Sanchez, Co-Host of Core Christianity; Mark Green, President of Core Christianity/White Horse Inn; and Rich Bott, Chairman and CEO of Bott Radio Network. Photograph courtesy of Bott Radio Network.

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