Blount Communications is Reaching New England for Christ

NRB | October 26, 2023 | Member News

In the heart of New England, Blount Communications has broadcasted the hope of the Gospel for over four decades.

Image courtesy of Blount Communications: WARV, Warwick-Providence, RI

In 1978, founder Bill Blount acquired WARV in Rhode Island shortly after completing his studies at Bob Jones University. He gained hands-on experience by working for the previous owners for a year before taking ownership. In 1982, he added WFIF in Connecticut to his broadcasting portfolio. During the 1990s, Blount and his wife, Deborah, secured the construction permit for WVNE in Worcester, Mass., and built the station from the ground up. In 1995, they transformed WBCI in Maine from a rock station to a platform for Christian talk and teaching. In 2000, WDER in New Hampshire became part of their network, followed by the addition of WSDK in Hartford, Connecticut, in 2011, further expanding his reach in Christian broadcasting. The latest station added to the network was WILD-1090AM in Boston in 2021.

Image courtesy of Blount Communications: Bill Blount

Over the years, Bill and Deborah’s relentless dedication saw the station grow from a 1000-watt daytime signal to an 8000-watt daytime and 5000-watt nighttime broadcasting powerhouse.

“We know that God has promised He will always bless His Word. So, we thought, if we can get the Word of God on the radio, we know God will bless it,” said Blount.

The Blounts’ vision extended far beyond a single station in Rhode Island. They aspired to create a network of Christian radio stations that would reach listeners throughout New England. Their faith and determination led to the acquisition of multiple stations across the region, including stations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. These endeavors, filled with providential circumstances, have allowed Blount Communications to flourish as the largest religious teaching and talk network in New England, delivering life-changing messages to countless listeners.

Blount Communications’ impact across New England resonates far and wide, proving that the power of Christian broadcasting “knows no bounds,” Blount said.

Blount Communications, with their motto, “Life Changing Radio,” is committed to using mass media to help people in the upper east coast develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The network, through a careful vetting process, aims to deliver top-notch programming that is doctrinally sound and spiritually enriching. Blount Communications broadcasts the programs of NRB members such as Dr. Charles Stanley, R.C. Sproul, Dr. Tony Evans, Chuck Swindoll, Dr. David Jeremiah, Jack Hibbs, John MacArthur, and more.

Blount recognized the vital role AM radio plays in the Christian broadcasting landscape, calling on Congress to preserve its accessibility in new vehicles.

“A lot of Christian programs run on AM radios in the dash,” said Blount. “Christian broadcasters like us rely on AM radio.”

Blount Communications collaborates with local churches and ministries, making a significant impact on east coast communities. The network actively participates in public events and outreach programs, exemplifying their commitment to fostering a closer relationship between individuals and Christ.

Blount encouraged fellow Christian communicators to “Do one thing or two things really well. . . Strive for excellence in everything and then add on as you’re able.”

Blount attributes much of the network’s success and growth to NRB. Having attended forty-six NRB International Christian Media Conventions over the years, Blount said, “I can’t imagine us having done what we’ve done without NRB.”

Image courtesy of Blount Communications: Bill Blount, Ed Cannon (President FEBC), Lauren Lintner (Wilder Media), Scott Wilder (Wilder Media)

“The NRB has really been a lifeline to us,” said Blount. “The convention exhibit floor is helpful to look at new equipment and things that can be helpful in our broadcasting. The workshops have always been so helpful as far as us learning things that we might not have. And the relationships and working with the different agencies and programmers that you work with all year, but you get to meet them face to face at NRB.”

Blount Communications has been an NRB member since 1993. Bill Blount has served in numerous leadership roles within NRB, including Chairman of NRB’s Board of Directors, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Chairman of the International Committee, Chairman of the Music Liensing Committee, and President’s Council member. Dave Young, Vice President of Blount Communications, has served on the NRB Board of Directors and Executive Committee and as Chairman of the International Committee.

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