At NRB 2023, Thought Leaders to Discuss the Dangerous Implications of Woke Ideologies

NRB | March 9, 2023 | NRB News

The NRB Forum series at the 2023 NRB International Christian Media Convention will bring together respected Christian thought leaders for timely, challenging dialogue on issues of the day. On Tuesday, May 23, NRB will host a robust panel discussion on the influence of critical theory on schools and churches, and the proliferation of “wokeness” in corporate boardrooms through diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. How should Christians exercise wisdom and discernment in an environment where godless belief systems masquerade as morality, and how can Christian communicators dissent from the culture?

Award-winning author, podcaster, and TV host Lucas Miles will moderate. An accomplished Christian commentator, Lucas Miles consistently addresses some of the most challenging topics in theology, politics, and culture. He is the host of EpochTV’s “Church & State with Lucas Miles” and the author of best-selling books “The Christian Left: How Liberal Thought Has Hijacked the Church” and “Woke Jesus: The False Messiah Destroying Christianity.” Miles is a faculty member at Summit Ministries, pastor, and president of the Nfluence Network, based in Granger, Ind.

The forum will feature the following panelists:

  • John L. Cooper, host of Cooper Stuff and musician at Skillet. John Cooper is the lead vocalist for Skillet, one of the best-selling rock bands of the 21st century. The two-time Grammy-nominated, 12X platinum band was inducted into Pandora’s 2X Billionaire club, took home a Billboard Music Award, and more. Their single “Monster” remains “one of the most-streamed rock songs of all time,” with 4 billion global streams. Cooper and his wife Korey have toured together for 25 years, along with their two children. They are passionate about sharing the truth of Christ through music, the Cooper Stuff Podcast, two Skillet graphic novels, and Cooper’s book, “Awake & Alive to Truth.”
  • Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE). CURE is a non-profit policy institute based in Washington, D.C., fighting poverty to restore dignity through messages of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility. Parker founded CURE to bring new ideas to policy discussions on transitioning America’s poor from government dependency. Parker has addressed more than 190 colleges and universities about anti-poverty initiatives, has authored several books, and is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. She also regularly consults with both federal and state legislators on market-based strategies to fight poverty.
  • Jeremy Tedesco, senior counsel and senior vice president of Corporate Engagement at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Tedesco leads ADF’s efforts to combat corporate cancel culture and build a business ethic that respects free speech, religious freedom, and human dignity. In 2022, Tedesco oversaw the launch of the Viewpoint Diversity Business Index, the first comprehensive benchmark designed to measure corporate respect for religious and ideological diversity in the market, workplace, and public square.
  • Dr. Eric M. Wallace, co-founder and president of Freedom’s Journal Institute. Dr. Eric Wallace couples his rich educational background with a unique ability to challenge the status quo. He holds post-graduate degrees in Biblical Studies (MA, ThM, Ph.D.). Wallace and his wife, Jennifer Wallace, founded Freedom’s Journal Institute, a non-profit organization designed to advance the Kingdom of God through sociopolitical education and engagement rooted in a biblical worldview. Wallace hosts the TV show “Kingdoms in Konflict.”

The Forum will be sponsored by MyFaithVotes, an organization created to equip Christians to pray, think, and vote in every election.

The NRB International Christian Media Convention is the premiere event for networking with thousands of fellow Christian media professionals. Join us for NRB 2023 at the Orlando World Center Marriot on May 22-25 in Orlando, Florida. Register before prices increase on April 14 and book your stay by clicking here. To browse other forum topics and view the full convention schedule, click here.

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