At NRB 2023, Conservative Voices Answer the Assault on Free Speech

NRB | June 14, 2023 | NRB News

Cancel culture poses a significant threat to viewpoint diversity in media and the exercise of freedom of speech in American society. When individuals and groups are targeted for dissenting from cultural dogma or supposedly mainstream opinion, free speech suffers fear of backlash.

On Wednesday, May 24, in a forum titled “Cancel Culture and the Assault on Free Speech,” a panel of influential conservative voices weighed in on cancel culture’s stifling of free speech.

The panel was moderated by David Brody (Chief Political Analyst at CBN News) and featured panelists Christopher Chou (CEO of The Christian Post), Dennis Prager (host of “The Dennis Prager Show”), Allie Beth Stuckey (host of “Relatable”), and Brandon Tatum (host of “The Officer Tatum Show”).

  • Christopher Chou exhorted Christian communicators that “We have been given this truth and authority and we should not be afraid of sharing it.”
  • Allie Beth Stuckley encouraged “Share the arrows. When we see people taking the hits on social media, they are reaping the whirlwind, and rather than stepping back and saying ‘I’m glad that’s not happening to me,’ stand up for the truth with them.”
  • “You know who is telling the truth by who allows free speech and who censors free speech,”said Dennis Prager. “Free speech is free speech. End of issue. You ought to be allowed to speak whatever you want aside from inciting violence. That’s it.”
  • “It does not profit us to get kicked off of these platforms and not share our message. Be strategic. Make the money off of these platforms, and find ways to get our message across without getting kicked off,” said Brandon Tatum.

This Forum was sponsored by The Essential Church. The NRB Forum series brings together leading media voices to discuss timely industry topics and challenging cultural issues facing Christian communicators today. These panels are presented live at the annual NRB International Christian Media Convention–-to learn more, click here.

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