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SalemNOW.com Offers On-Demand Videos for Conservative, Faith-Based Audiences

When COVID-19 became a national emergency in March and forced theaters across the country to close, Salem Media Group rolled out its exclusive video on-demand platform, SalemNOW.com, enabling audiences interested in Christian, family-themed, and conservative values content to enjoy renowned films and events from the comfort of their home.

Since then, hundreds of thousands have watched Dennis Prager’s No Safe Spaces, Larry Elder’s Uncle Tom, The War for America’s Soul Tour, Ask a Jew Ask a Gentile, and the Anthem Film Festival, as well as inspirational films such as Patterns of Evidence, Return to the Hiding Place, One Nation Under God,and more.

“SalemNOW has enabled our listeners to view films and events that have otherwise been excluded from the mainstream media,” General Manager Robert Ellis told NRB Today. “SalemNOW is becoming the epicenter for Christian and conservative films, music, events and more.”

SalemNOW is dedicated exclusive conservative and faith-based videos consisting of box office hits, acclaimed documentaries, music festivals and performances by top Christian artists, live interviews, events with Salem’s conservative talk show hosts, and many other video offerings.

Earlier this week, Salem announced that it is premiering on SalemNOW America’s Forgotten, the new documentary on illegal immigration by award winning filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral.

The film, initially set to hit theaters this October, went digital due to the COVID-19 circumstances. SalemNOW is now hosting a weeklong exclusive world premiere for America’s Forgotten ahead of the film’s October 16 nationwide multi-platform release.

To peruse SalemNOW’s offerings, visit salemnow.com.

SalemNOW can be found on mobile apps, and streaming services such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and select smart televisions.

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