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John Ankerberg Show Releases Free 40-Lesson Discipleship Series

Do you long to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus?

Are you looking for a resource your church or ministry can use to help others grow in their walk with God?

If so, The John Ankerberg Show has released a free 40-lesson discipleship video series with you in mind.

In this course, titled “Follow Me: Experiencing the Joy of Walking with Jesus,” participants are guided step by step through what it means to follow Jesus with the help of Dr. John Ankerberg and Sunder and Shyamala Krishnan.

Shyamala is sister of the late Ravi Zacharias and Sunder was the renowned apologist’s best friend as they grew up together in Delhi, India. After Sunder got his masters at MIT, he worked for Atomic Energy of Canada and then went on to pastor for 36 years at Rexdale Alliance Church near Toronto, Canada. Both Sunder and Shyamala have a contagious love for Jesus and an ability to help believers see how the Bible applies to their everyday life.

Some of the topics they cover in this series include: “What did Jesus do for us on the cross?” “How can I overcome temptation?” and “How can I know God’s will for my life?”

All 40 programs are currently available in 11 languages – English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Swedish, Albanian, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese – with four more languages on the way – Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese, and Arabic.

To access this free series, just go to JABible.org and select the course titled “Follow Me.” To access the course in another language, select from the available languages in the drop-down menu at the very top of the page.

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