Answers in Genesis Celebrates 25 Years of Ministry

NRB | January 10, 2019 | Member News

Answers in Genesis (AiG), the apologetics ministry led by Ken Ham, is celebrating 25 years in ministry.

Officially incorporated as an organization in Kentucky on December 27, 1993, AiG started out as a ministry with three founders and a handful of employees in a tiny storefront in Florence, Kentucky.

Today, the ministry has more than 1,000 employees during peak time; a Creation Museum; a life-size Noah’s Ark attraction (the Ark Encounter); a Vacation Bible School (Answers VBS) in the top three nationwide; a Sunday school curriculum (Answers Bible Curriculum) used by more than 10,000 churches; thousands of print and media resources; a website visited by millions; a daily radio program on more than 1,000 stations; and much more.

AiG is also the recipient of a number of NRB awards, including the 2018 Most Innovative Digital Method Award and the 2017 Billy Graham Award for Excellence in Christian Communications, among others.

“It’s hard to believe Answers in Genesis is already celebrating 25 years in ministry,” said Ham, AiG’s CEO and founder, in a blog post.

“God has done remarkable things over the past 25 years,” he continued. “And even though we’ve grown markedly and changed, we haven’t changed in one specific way: we still remain faithful to our core mission and purpose—to equip the church to stand boldly on the authority of God’s Word from the very first verse and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

According to the ministry, AiG’s U.S. board members are considering many new or expanded Bible-proclaiming outreaches as they look to the future, including in the much-needed areas of curriculum development and international programs, and constructing additional phases at the Ark Encounter on the 800-acre property surrounding the Ark.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, enhancements inside the Ark and next to the ship will continue, and fundraising will begin in earnest for the themed attraction’s next phases: an ancient-looking walled city and a replica of the Tower of Babel.

In addition, AiG’s “sister” ministry in Leicester, England, continues to have an impact in Europe, conducting teaching meetings throughout Western and Eastern Europe, and often being profiled in the major media. Meanwhile, AiG’s offices in Australia, Mexico, Peru, and Canada are reportedly seeing fruitful ministry.

“As AiG looks back at over 25 years of wonderful, fruitful ministry, and anticipates God’s blessings on the various initiatives for 2020 including the expansion of the Ark Encounter, we can say, ‘To God be the glory, great things He has done!’” the ministry concluded.

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