An Alternative to Secular Streaming Services, Pure Flix is Uplifting Families with Faith-Filled Messages

NRB | February 23, 2023 | Member News

As a faith-based streaming service providing encouraging content for the whole family, Pure Flix seeks to “select media that strengthens your faith and values, is wholesome, and suitable for the entire family and streamed seamlessly on any device.”

The family-friendly streaming platform is confident in being a trusted source for parents to access clean, God-honoring content that is free of violence, foul language, and unwelcome “surprises.” Pure Flix hosts thousands of Christian entertainment offerings, including acclaimed titles like “The Chosen,” “Courageous,” “The Case for Christ,” and “God’s Not Dead.”

Michael Scott, CEO of Pure Flix, shared that “Pure Flix exists to be a light in the darkness through the power of storytelling,” with content exploring redemption, forgiveness, and other themes that speak to spiritual truth.

Art and entertainment, Scott said, is upstream from culture.

“Hollywood dictates what the culture goes and does,” said Scott. “So, us having a voice in it and having some great content that’s fun and positive will make a huge difference.”

As “beacons of light” to the culture, it is critical that Christian communicators exercise creativity, innovation, and boldness rather than remaining static, Scott believes.

“We often get caught in our rut and we do the same thing over and over again,” Scott said. “Hollywood innovates and tries all sorts of new things and explores new themes, and I think we need to do that in our storytelling, in our broadcasting, our TV shows––do new things that is going to draw in a new crowd.

How to make a splash? Start simple, Scott says: Get people talking about fresh, new, faith-filled content with high-quality production standards.

“We will see a huge impact in the world, as Christian broadcasters and streamers if we can get people talking, water cooler talk, about the shows we produce,” Scott said.

The Christian filmmaking of today may surprise the audiences of yesterday, Scott noted.

“We don’t want to be caught in what people thought of Christian entertainment ten to twenty years ago––saying Christian programming is cheesy,” said Scott. “We want to constantly be moving forward, bringing the audience the very best in entertainment. There’s no reason why we can’t have the same quality as Hollywood, and that’s what our goal is.”

Christian filmmaking is about far more than inserting lines and scenes about Christianity. “It’s not just about getting a story and interjecting a prayer here, a conversion scene there,” said Scott. “We want to have that real and authentic content that people can say, ‘Wow, that was incredible,’ ‘That touched me,’ or ‘That encouraged my faith.’”

Scott highlighted several forthcoming Pure Flix offerings as must-sees. Pure Flix exclusive series “A Thousand Tomorrows,” based on a book by number-one New York Times best-selling author Karen Kingsbury, premieres on February 24. “Heaven Sent,” a heart-warming romantic comedy starring Karen Abercrombie of “War Room,” captivates viewers with the power of Christ-centered relationships. As the celebration of Easter approaches, Pure Flix has more compelling content available to viewers, such as “Risen,” “The Passion of the Christ,” and “Apostle Peter and the Last Supper.” Scott encouraged viewers to be on the lookout for new titles leading up to the celebration of Christ’s resurrection as well as timely classics that give a fresh perspective.

Pure Flix has been an NRB member since 2014. Discover Pure Flix entertainment for you and your family here.

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