Government Relations

NRB is the pre-eminent voice in Washington for protecting and defending the rights and interests of Christian communicators. The political and regulatory battles of today will define the shape of Christian media for decades to come. These challenges require sophisticated and effective engagement in relevant legislative and regulatory forums. To meet this need, NRB's Government Relations division acts an invaluable influence in Washington's halls of power and is truly a "watchman on the wall."

Since the early days of the association, NRB has advocated on behalf of its members in Washington. Notably, several U.S. Presidents, Congressional leaders, and other dignitaries have given keynote addresses at NRB's annual Convention over the years. In fact, President Reagan addressed the NRB Convention seven times.

NRB opened an office on Capitol Hill in 2003 to maintain a strong presence in close proximity to America's decision-makers. A well-known voice in Washington, NRB continues its work with Congress, Executive Branch agencies, and the Judiciary to protect and defend the rights and interests of Christian media ministries and, by extension, the church and other Christian organizations. We strive to influence the enactment of laws and regulations relevant to keeping the doors of electronic media open for the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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